Santorini Renal

Santorini Renal

THE FIRST PRIVATE HEALTHCARE UNIT in the Cyclades specialized only in holiday dialysis in the famous island of Santorini.

Situated at the village of Pyrgos, on a cliff, at the famous island of Santorini, in a land of 4.000 sq.m with a breathtaking view of Fira, the islands capital, Ios and Sikinos the renal unit of Santorini has become a dream come true for the residents of the island who suffer from renal failure and are being treated on a daily basis.The clinic also offers its services to Interna- tional patients willing to visit the island for a number of reasons. Many of these visiting patients are keep coming back in our unit because they are fully satisfied with our high quality services and cozy environment.The most important thing though is that now all renal patients worldwide can visit Santorini and the nearby islands all year around.

Our goal was to invest in Medical Tourism, to help renal patients and residents of Santorini to retutn to their home- town and also to offer dialysis treatments for patients wishing to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing holiday in the island in order to have a better quality of life in the long run.

The renal unit of Santorini is situated in a newly built 770 sq.m. building easily accessible with wide parking spaces.We started operating in July 2010 in three large and airconditioned rooms, a separate unit for Hepatitis C positive patients and the needed offices, patients reception, doctors rooms, and technical support.The clinic has 17 dialysis machines of the latest technology with a Nefrologist always on site and the right medical and nursing personnel.

In our clinic the latest methods and techniques of hemodialysis are being used in one and up to three shifts per day all year around.

During the year, and not only during the high season, we can accomodate International patients.

Our duty is to give the best services to our renal patients with the highest possible safety standards and high quality in all services provided, with a warm reception and the famous greek hospitality, giving them the possibility to visit Santorini and to be in vacation all year around in one of the most idyllic places in the world.

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