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Greece possesses a plethora of qualities and inherent advantages, which serve Health Tourism and render Greece a top destination for international health tourists
You’ll find a wide variety of healthcare services available, whether it’s a routine check-up, or very specific surgical procedures. Discover your options here.
7 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Greece’s Health and Wellness Tourism Sector
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Elitour promotes Greece internationally as a premier destination for health and wellness tourism.

Key objectives:

  • Facilitate collaboration and coordinated actions to enhance health and wellness tourism in Greece.
  • Develop international initiatives to attract health and wellness tourists to Greece.
  • Transfer and train in international certifications and methodologies for health and wellness tourism recognition.
  • Build a network for cooperation and communication among members and with similar global associations.
  • Establish committees for resolving common issues, conducting studies, and gathering tourism and economic data related to health and wellness tourism in Greece.
  • Enhance partner staff education and training in health and wellness tourism.
  • Organize and provide training programs in line with relevant legislation to improve health and wellness tourism services.
  • Certify health and wellness tourism services and systems as per current laws.
  • Seek and utilize European funding for promoting and developing health and wellness tourism methodologies.
  • Facilitate collaboration and coordinated actions to enhance health and wellness tourism in Greece.

Here healthcare services and medicine meet modern expertise and Greek hospitality, creating a unique mixture that welcomes you and wishes you ‘γειά σου’ (geiá sou), meaning have Good Health.

George Patoulis

President of Elitour

Embark on a transformative health journey in Greece, where ancient history meets Mediterranean beauty.

Discover unparalleled healthcare amidst the allure of a timeless, enchanting destination. Your ultimate wellness getaway awaits.

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