Konstantinos Kouskoukis

  • Professor of Dermatology – Lawyer
  • President of the Hellenic Academy of Thermal Medicine
  • President of the World Academy of Chinese & Supplementary Medicine
  • President of the Hellenic Health Tourism Association
  • V. President of the Medical Tourism Committee to Research Institute of Panhellenic Medical Association
  • Scientific Consultant for Thermal Medicine to World Health Organization (WHO), World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC) & Greek Central Union Municipalities
  • e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mobile.: 6944307423
  • V. Rector of Demokritos University
  • General Secretary of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs
  • Professor of Aesthetic Medicine, Camerino University
  • Professor of Higher Education Faculty for Nursing Officers
  • Professor in National Faculty of Public Administration
  • Professor A. of AristotIe University
  • President of the National Committee of Lifelong Learning
  • President of the Organization for Tourism Education and Training
  • Chairman of Medical Aesthetics Laser Society
  • Chairman of the Research Committee of Demokritos University
  • President of Protection Committee for Natural Healing Resources
  • V. President of Sports Medicine Association of Greece
  • V. President of Greek-China Foundation
  • Board Member of Elitour, International Health Tourism Center (IHTC) & World Greek Doctors Institute
  • Director of Dermatological Clinic 401, General Military Hospital - r.L. Colonel
  • Author of “Health Tourism and Thermalism – Perspectives for Development in Greece”, “Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology”, as well as 5 more Scientific books and 217 projects. Recent book (2019) “Thermal Medicine – Complementary Therapies”
  • Editor: J. of Dermatol. Surgery and Oncology & Scient, Advisor in 8 journals
  • Elected Leading Member of New York Academy of Sciences
  • Researcher and Scientific Advisor of New York University
  • Hon. President of Medical Association for Antiaging
  • Hon. Member of New York Anticancer Dermatological Institution
  • Hon. Member - Union Journalists - Greece & Foreign Press Association
  • Member of the Hellenic National Council of Tourism & the Hellenic National Council for Consumers
  • Member of the Emigrant Hellenism Secretariat & Athenian Club
  • Parliamentary Candidate
  • He is married to r. Admiral Hellenic Navy Kouskouki – Kalantzi Evangelia with two sons Alexander-Efstratios, PhD of 2 Medical Schools (EKPA – Demokritus) MSc Biologist, and Marios-Nikolaos, PhD in Panteio University, MBA in Piraeus University, Economist

Honorary Members

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