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Greek Health Tourism Council’s main scope is the sustainable growth of Health Tourism segment in Greece, promoting high-end healthcare services, qualitative medical centers of excellence and reputable providers to the international market combined amidst services packages in collaboration with experienced operators and tourism enterprises.

Quality experts and experienced healthcare professionals of ELITOUR have set the current criteria of engagement framework to clearly define a minimum qualification level for the interested parties. The applicant is obliged to submit documented evidence in order to prove its conformity to the defined set of criteria. Criteria of engagement are explicitly assessed and verified by the Board of Directors to officially approve the new member’s entry to ELITOUR members’ group.

The different levels of conformity to the above set of criteria are assessed by the Board based on documents’ and data submission.

In case, international experience of the provider is not adequately proven, the healthcare provider might be approved under the condition of attendance of the Medical Tourism coordinators’ course by a member of its IPD team. The same condition applies to the tour operators/ facilitators without experience in the Health Tourism Facilitation field.

ELITOUR officially invites involved stakeholders of the market to submit their application for registration.

Please check the criteria for healthcare providers before applying below.

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