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Welcome to the Greek Health Tourism Council, where our primary focus is on fostering the sustainable growth of the Health Tourism segment in Greece. We are dedicated to showcasing high-end healthcare services, top-notch hospitality facilities, and reputable providers to the global market, offering comprehensive service packages in collaboration with seasoned operators and tourism enterprises.

The engagement framework at the Greek Health Tourism Council, led by quality experts and seasoned healthcare professionals from ELITOUR, establishes clear criteria for participation. To ensure a minimum qualification level, interested parties must submit documented evidence demonstrating conformity to the defined set of criteria. The Board of Directors rigorously assesses and verifies these criteria, granting official approval for new members to join the ELITOUR members’ group.

ELITOUR extends an official invitation to all stakeholders in the market to submit their applications for registration. Before applying, please review the criteria for healthcare providers outlined below.

Join us in advancing Greece’s position in the global health tourism landscape. Submit your application today and be part of our commitment to excellence in healthcare services. Check the criteria for healthcare and wellness providers before applying below.

Please check the criteria for healthcare providers before applying below.

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