Dr. Gregory Kyriakou is the CEO and Accountable Manager of Gamma Air Medical LTD, an Aeromedical Services company founded in 1997 with the cooperation of two other Medical doctors.

GAMMA AIR MEDICAL specializes in worldwide and domestic Air Ambulance transportation for all medical cases (including COVID-19 patients). Furthermore, the company provides medical escort services for commercial scheduled flights and ground transportation with certified car ambulances.

Dr. Gregory Kyriakou is a surgeon oncologist specializing in breast surgery. He has a significant social activity with pro bono checkups for the early diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer in women at remote areas of Greece. He is the author of many publications, and very often gives public speeches.

He is also an active member of “Médecins Sans Frontières” and has participated in missions to war zones (Somalia, Sri Lanka, etc.).

Dr. Gregory Kyriakou is a light aircraft pilot with many flight hours in his logbook and an avid enthusiast of music, as he plays saxophone and piano.