Dermatologist, MD, Specialized in Oxford

Scientific Director at Intensive Quality One Day Clinics



Board Member of ELITOUR (Greek Health Tourism Council)

Specialized in the UK (Oxford & London) and in North America (New York & San Diego) in the field of LASER Dermatology, Dr. Tzermias, has been providing dermatological state-of-the-art treatments using cutting-edge LASER and Energy based Devices for over 25years.

He has been Director of LASER Dermatology Department at the Athens Medical Center for over 18 years and for the last 10 years is the Founder and Scientific Director of IQ SKIN CLINICS, which, in the last years, has been awarded at the Healthcare Business Awards and Medical Beauty Awards for its Innovative Services and Pioneering Contribution across the health spectrum.

Dr. Tzermias has been participated as a speaker to over 60 international and Greek conferences, while he has published many articles in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and magazines. He often appears in the Greek press, as an interviewee to be consulted on medical matters, being both an expert and a prolific science communicator, who also maintains blogs and websites, providing access to scientifically accurate medical knowledge for lay people.

Dr. Tzermias is Co-Founder of the European Society for LASERs and Energy Based Devices (ESLD) as well as Member of its Advisory Board, EADV-LASER Dermatology-Task Force Member, Fellow of the American Society for LASER Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS), Vice President of the Disciplinary Board of the Athens Medical Association (ISA), Vice President of Open Health Alliance, Coordinator of the ISA Medical Tourism Working Group and Board Member of Elitour – Greek Health Tourism Council.