Tango & Medical Tourism

Irving Stackpole

by Irving Stackpole


International medical travel was the focus of a series of meetings in Buenos Aires from 12 - 14. June 2017.

The 2nd International Medical Tourism Congress in Argentina featured a wide array of speakers, with topics ranging from global projections & market factors, the role of insurance providers in the medical travel markets and social media strategies to generate leads. Representatives from Uruguay, Canada, the United States, and Costa Rica presented their perspectives on the potential of their source marketplaces for Argentina as a destination.

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Medical Tourism Planning for Greece

Maria K Todd, MHA PhD

by Maria K Todd, MHA PhD
Health Tourism Strategy Consultant (USA)
Author: The Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development, The Handbook of Thermal and Rehabilitation Resort Development, The Medical Tourism Facilitator’s Handbook, and The Employer’s Guide to Medical Tourism Benefit Design.


Focus on thermalism and spa tourism

Some years ago, the consulting firm McKinsey was commissioned to prepare a study titled, Greece 2020 – 10 years ahead. The critical reader would therefore make the assumption that the research was done in 2009, and published in 2010, some five years ago.

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Global Medical Tourism Industry value - $439 billion!

keith pollard medical travel commentator 1

by Keith Pollard

Fact or fiction? The latest claims published by the US based Medical Tourism Association (MTA). Does their latest claim hold any truth? Just how big is this market? 

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Building your brand for medical tourism prosperity

Ilan Geva

by Ilan Geva


Brand equity is the key to success in today’s competitive medical tourism market. Ilan Geva, a global brand communications expert, looks at how destinations can best market themselves for medical travel success.

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Health Tourism – A New and Promising Tourism Product for Cyprus

Christos Petsides


by Christos Petsides
Secretary General
Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board


Health Tourism in our days is a trend. Many countries are promoting themselves as medical tourism destinations trying to get a percentage of this promising global market.

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