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General surgery

General surgery consists of treatments that involve operative procedures. Procedures can be routine or can be more complicated, and they involve numerous areas of the body such as the liver, intestines, appendix, stomach, arteries and veins, glands, etc.

General surgery procedures are becoming less invasive and efficient and provide faster healing, less blood loss, and lower postoperative infection rates.

Robotic surgery, considered to be the most advanced form of minimally invasive surgery available today is provided by the best hospitals in Greece. The da Vinci Robotic Surgery System, masterfully enhances doctor’s dexterity, control and precision. All surgeons using the da Vinci are certified for this.

Greek surgeons have a number of qualifications that clearly distinguish them. Many of them have been educated, trained and have worked in the US, the UK, Germany and other countries. They constantly participate in International Congresses, as key speakers, and they have a very vivid presence in the World’s best academic journals.



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