Medical services and especially Orthopaedics in Greece has always been at the highest level, since education and public health was always considered the most important pillars of the Greek society.

The last decades luxurious private hospitals were build to serve for the patient, greek citizen or foreign tourist, who needed personalized, executive and state of the art therapy. Our clinic is able to offer luxurious suites or sea view rooms for hospitalization, fully functional surgical theaters equipped with the latest instrumentation as well as experienced nursing personnel.

Greek orthopaedic surgeons have a long history of presence at the top levels of the international medical community with their scientific research and papers, the organizing of important congresses and presidential posts at international societies like the Hip society, the Hand, Cervical spine etc, the advancement of surgical technics, the minimum of complications.

Greece is also an excellent place to combine an advanced operative treatment according to the latest scientific research and a great vacation combined with experienced rehabilitation program. The famous sunny and warm weather is offering the best possibilities for quick mobilization and recovery with exercises at a friendly environment and at the swimming pool.


We are happy to welcome you to Greece, the land of Hippocrates and medical foundation. Also the land of medical and orthopaedic advances.

You are welcome to enjoy the latest techniques of hip and knee surgery, spine and shoulder surgery all through minimal access or arthroscopic procedures. This minimizes hospitalization and gives you less trouble, quicker recovery and better results beyond expectations.

We mainly offer unique surgical procedures that are happening only in prestigious and selected hospitals around the world at the best price. Minimal access anterior total hip replacement, navigation guided total knee arthroplasty, percutaneous spinal fusions and kyphoplasty, arthroscopic shoulder and knee procedure.

All the above at the best climate, the most friendly people, the best price and most important, the very experienced Greek orthopaedic surgeons !!!



Lykomitros Vassilis
Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon, MD, PhD

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