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Τhe health of your child is in the best hands in Greece

Our ultra-modern pediatrics and fully accredited hospitals are based on the standards of leading overseas hospitals, equipped with cutting–edge medical technology and staffed with accredited scientists of all specialties, because the aim is to provide superior medical care to your child. As Greek physicians and people, well know all around the world for our hospitality and treatment, we are able to build relations of care, trust and safety with children and their families.

We can provide solution to any medical problem that your child might be facing by offering a wide range of pediatric care services, along with:

  • Eminent academic and hospital doctors of all pediatric specialties
  • Highly experienced nursing staff
  • Top scientific teams collaborate for optimal results
  • Fully equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for children
  • One Day Clinics
  • Specialized Centres
  • 24/7 Emergency Department

The pleasant environment of our peadiatric hospitals, in accordance with high quality hotel infrastructure standards, contributes to the creation of a friendly atmosphere in order to help children feel comfortable, safe and secure and therefore recover faster.


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