International Medical Association of Advanced Homeopathy

The archaic concept that medicine is one and unified and all medical doctors should have easy access to the Advanced Homeopathic means has been known as AD.HO.C -which became its ambassador worldwide.

Our members are medical doctors from all specialties who integrate in their practices the Advanced Homeopathic applications, in parallel to their specialty therapeutic tools, given that both therapeutic means are: Fully compatible, fully collaborative on a complementary and evidence basis.

Further Goals

  • Offer to all medical doctors regardless of their medical specialization the tools to integrate the Advanced Homeopathy in their clinical praxis. through information, training, scientific co-operation and research.
  • Offer to medical doctors and patients from all over the world an international network where they can connect to find up-to-date and reliable solutions.
  • Establish the standpoint that there is no antagonism or opposition between Advanced Homeopathy and any other therapeutic means. The respect of the therapeutic work of every medical doctor for the Advanced Homeopathy is a must.

The epicenter of AD.HO.C was selected to be Greece due to its affinity with the origins of medical philosophy.

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AD.HO.C Advanced Homeopathic Concert

AD.HO.C Advanced Homeopathic Concert