Argo Travel Group

Argo Travel Group

The Argo Travel Group (ATG) has been operating in the Travel Industry for over 65 years.


Argo Travel is a reputable medical facilitator pioneering medical care travel services in Greece. Having established relationships with numerous health institutions nationwide (including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, fertility centers, and clinics just to name a few) and crucially boasting 70 years of high-level travel expertise, Argo Travel delivers personalized turnkey travel solutions for those travelling for medical care.

Traveling for medical care can be a very stressful or worrisome journey. We ensure no small detail is left out or overlooked and provide our clients with the trust, care and support they deserve.

We know firsthand that investing in one’s health is not easy as it takes a lot of time and research to ensure the desired outcome. One thing we also know is that it does not have to be expensive either. Greece, being the birthplace of modern medicine, offers world-class medical services by reputable health professionals at highly competitive rates. Moreover, Greece’s lovely and moderate Mediterranean climate creates the perfect setting for the patient’s speedy recovery and rehabilitation, all the while offering a plethora of recreational activities ensuring a more satisfying experience overall.

As a medical facilitator, we excel on:

  1. Consulting our clients on and sourcing the most suitable treatment for them
  2. Overseeing the secure and safe transfer of their medical records
  3. Coordinating the communication with health providers and health professionals, including interpretation if needed
  4. Quoting in a comprehensive way with no hidden costs
  5. Arranging all travel logistics for peace of mind (to/from Greece and locally)

Get in touch if you require our expert services on any of the following:

  1. Cosmetic surgery
  2. Orthopedics
  3. Fertility treatments
  4. Cardiac care
  5. Oral and dental procedures

We would be honored to help with your request!