“Asclepios” Private Mental Health Hospital was founded in 2005, it is a private hospital with a capacity of 80 beds in Veria, Imathia. Since its establishment until today, Asclepius Private Mental Health Hospital has been continuously providing medical services in the field of mental health, making it one of the leading providers in Imathia and in whole of Northern Greece in general in the field of mental health.

The building facilities with high standard hospital architecture are located 3 km from the center of Veria, just before the village “Lazochori”, with easy access. It is located in an area of ​​20,000 sq.m. (20 acres) with modern facilities adapted to offer the best conditions of care and accommodation.

With the establishment and operation of the “Asclepios” Private Mental Health Hospital of Veria, an ambitious effort began to redefine the role of the mental health hospital, in a highly aesthetic and well-equipped building, staffed with experienced medical staff and nurses.

The hospital has the ability to treat psychiatric, neurological, psycho-geriatric cases with comorbidities (other pathological problems) as well as other cases offering the assurance that only we can provide. The hospital has treated more than 3,000 patients with mental illness since 2005.

Our starting point began from the admission of the patient with the completion of a complete medical history.

In the process, patients participate in individual and group psychotherapy programs by an experienced team of psychiatrists and psychologists and treated by experienced nursing staff.

At the same time, the patients take part in a variety of activities as well as physiotherapy sessions, with the help of social workers, ergotherapists and physiotherapists in order to develop and strengthen their psychological skills.

Our goal is to reintegrate the patient into Greek society through a program of care, treatment and education.

  • Facilities 


  1. Café restaurant
  2. Free wi-fi & Internet point with printing facilities
  3. Internet point

  4. International Patient Department (IPD)
  5. Parking
  6. Post discharge support
  7. Provision of discharge report in understood language
  8. Special diets
  9. Transparent billing & Detailed Invoices
  10. Collaboration with a nearby 4-star Hotel
  11. Translation services
  12. Transport services
  • Certifications ​
  • Directions 

From Macedonia Airport by taxi or by bus or by train we go to Veria, Imathia and in the direction of Naoussa, Imathia, we take the road which lead to Lazochori by taxi or by other bus. Before we reach Lazochori, on the road is the Asklepius Mental Health Hospital.


  1. Ergotherapy sessions (individual or group)

Our patients have the opportunity to participate in an individual or group ergotherapy program. The well experienced team of Asclepios Mental Health Hospital, consists of ergotherapists and social workers,  using special tools evaluate and identifies the difficulties that affect the individual’s skills and the effects they entail. Our therapists suggest a personalized employment program tailored to the patient’s particular needs. This intervention is effective in promoting the patient’s health and improving the independence of the person suffering from a mental health disorder or some psychosocial dysfunction. The role of ergotherapy is to identify the difficulties that cause a reduction in the patient’s skills and through the implementation of individualized programs aims at restoring functionality and independence of the individual. The ergotherapist also promotes and develops the individual’s strengths in such a way as to highlight motivation and self-esteem for each individual patient. By applying the appropriate personalized therapies, patients during recovery have regained and improved the skills required to be able to perform the above activities automatically. The ergotherapy department provides individual and group activities, which are: Movie watching and discussion after the movie, Listening to Music and Reading Excursions for coffee or food, Creating artistic creations, Occupations with clay, plaster, painting, collage, constructions etc Cognitive empowerment groups using board games, crossword puzzles and memory games

2) Psychotherapy  sessions (individual or group)

Our patients have the opportunity to participate in an individual or group psychotherapy program by an experienced team of psychiatrists-psychotherapists and other mental health professionals. Psychotherapy helps the patient understand their behaviors by establishing a therapeutic relationship with the therapist. This creates a space where he can express his thoughts freely.

3) Psychoeducation of patients and caregivers (relative-supportive environment)

In the context of supporting patients and their relatives, discussions are held with an informative and educational character, in order to understand the nature, the evolution of the symptoms and the expected benefits from the implementation of the treatment.

4) Outpatient clinic 

Outpatient after the completion of the treatment, we continue to communicate and monitor our patients on a regular, external basis. Outpatient scheduling sessions, with the aim of caring for, preventing, avoiding possible relapses and informing the interested parties and their families. This allows us to adjust the treatment accordingly and thus achieve a good long-term progression of the disease.

5) Physiotherapy sessions ( individual or group)

Our patients have the opportunity to participate in individual or group physiotherapy sessions. They can take part in the various fitness activities we offer, either outdoors in our magnificent forest gardens or in the gym. The experienced and qualified team of physiotherapists of the hospital, after evaluation, will suggest a personalized rehabilitation program adapted to the special needs of each patient. The hospital has a fully equipped gym, equipped with modern medical fitness equipment to perform a wide range of exercises available exclusively by our patients.

Our patients can participate in the planned excursions, walks and outings accompanied by our specialized staff to nearby places for coffee or food that take place during the year, after consultation with the doctor in charge and if his health condition allows.

The clinic offers physiotherapy services for functional rehabilitation.

Our physiotherapist team is next to the patient to show him how to use the equipment properly and adapt it to the special needs of our patients.

  • Gym

On the 1st floor of the hospital there is a fully equipped gym, which is available daily ONLY to our patients, always under the supervision and guidance of our physiotherapists. It aims to improve mood and energy every day. Patients learn to be disciplined and on schedule, as well as helping with sleep.

6) Social Service

The social worker in the field of mental health is constantly developing actions to protect, strengthen, promote and improve the health of individuals. Practices social work, at a supportive and counseling level.

Its purpose is the emotional discharge of the patient, the understanding and processing of these emotions. The acknowledgment of the disease and its explanation that it exists, is necessary for the patient to treat it realistically but also to understand the effects that it brings to his daily life. Through counseling it can help and strengthen patients’ inner strengths to solve their problems and issues that concern them. His role is based on communication and dialogue with the patient and his relatives as well as on achieving a relationship of trust and interaction with them.

An important tool of the social worker is the taking of social history, data of the patient and his family, which will be used in the medical work for the treatment of the patient. It provides a clear picture of the patient’s living conditions and problems with their evolutionary course. Patient support starts first of all with a proper assessment. The social worker makes an assessment of the social problems that coexist with the patient’s condition.

It is next to the patient and with the right communication and always with respect provides:

The required information and support of himself and his family.

It seeks to reduce the patient’s stress, to regulate his emotions in general as stress can lead the patient to postpone or refuse treatment or to slow down any progress to recovery.

Helps the family stay strong so that they are able to deal with the situation and stand encouragingly by their side.

Facilitates communication between family and patient.

Finally, the social worker is involved in enabling patients to develop all their potential in order to improve their quality of life and social functioning.

Through the methods of play, choir music, painting, improvisation, art, reading, clothing, relaxation, imagination, you create a group and eliminate everything toxic and negative that weighs on them. Collaboration and sharing thoughts in the group relieves patients of their difficulties and problems and makes them forget these hours. In this way, they can manage their daily life happily and have confidence and self-confidence.

7) Therapeutic team 

  • 24 hour Medical Monitoring by the Medical Staff

a) Daily morning visit of Psychiatrists and Pathologists from the wards of the patients and then informing the relatives,

b) 24 hour medical examination by the doctor on duty of the clinic who are of the following specialties in addition to psychiatry and pathology (neurologist, rheumatologist, urologist, pulmonologist),

c) The clinic ensures when the patient needs, the free transportation of our patients to outpatients other than those offered by the clinic, in case of need by appointment (gastroenterologist, cardiologist, nephrologist, ophthalmologist, etc. only) – the of the visit to the private doctor .

  • Includes 24 hour Nursing service

The clinic has graduate nurses, who are responsible for:

a) the measurement of vital signs (measurement of blood pressure, measurement of blood sugar, measurement of arrivals, measurement of temperature and measurement of saturation) 3 times or more per day depending on the state of health of each patient,

b) the distribution of medication (medicines, injections, conditions) to the patients of the clinic as well as to assist in receiving them to those who need it;

c) assisted feeding in patients who have difficulty with autonomous feeding or difficulty swallowing;

d) the care of the patients’ hygiene which includes the help in the bathing in all the patients of our clinic day by day (at least 3 times a week bath in all our patients), as well as hairstyle and shaving in men. Also change of patients’ clothes and all bed linen day by day by the nurses,

e) changing the diaper at least 6 times a day (for those who need or are lying down) and parallel cleaning-washing in bed.

From the medical check-up on arrival until the end of your treatment and your stay at Asklipios Hospital, our doctors and our entire team will be on hand daily to listen to your needs, provide advice and monitor your progress.

Asklipios Therapeutic Center offers a 24-hour medical supervision service. The Physician and General Practitioner have daily contact with patients covering their needs during their hospitalization, while other Doctors – Associates are called on a case-by-case basis as required for better patient management and treatment.

Asklipios Therapeutic Center cooperates with a specialized microbiological laboratory where all the necessary laboratory tests of our patients are performed (hematological, biochemical, etc.), as well as with a radiodiagnostic center of Veria.

8) Nutrition 

On the ground floor of the clinic there is a hotel kitchen certified with ISO and HACCP food quality, in which under the guidance of chef Ioannidis Stavros are prepared the 3 full meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) that we offer to our patients as well as the 2 intermediate smaller meals (yogurt, fruit in the blender (fruit cream), milk, cream or dessert) daily.

The clinic provides special meals tailored to the special needs of our patients such as diabetic menus, protein-rich menus, lean or unsalted menus or light diets.

The clinic has three restaurants where our patients can enjoy their meals, one on the ground floor and two on the 1st floor near the hospital where the nursing staff can supervise and assist the feeding for those patients who need it

The modern kitchen equipment in combination with the carefully selected fresh seasonal products and the trained staff of the clinic restaurant provide the patients with nutritious and refined meals to improve their health and well-being. Every day, the chef and his team work closely with the clinicians to ensure that patients’ dietary requirements are respected and that the nutritional balance of all our menus is guaranteed.

Our restaurant is at your disposal at the Asklepius Therapeutic Clinic, a wonderful bright dining area that is open from 11.30-12.30 and from 17.30-18.30

9) Hygiene – Cleaning service

 The cleaning service, quietly and uninterruptedly, takes care to keep the building and equipment clean. The clinic has an ISO certified cleaning service, which takes care daily and during the day, for the cleaning of the rooms and bathrooms of the patients. It is well known that a clean therapeutic environment helps significantly in the progress of treatment.

10) Laundry Service

The hospital has a service for washing the clothes of our patients at no extra charge, as well as their bed linen daily.

11) Pharmaceutical Care

Within the clinic there is a fully equipped pharmacy which serves exclusively the needs of our patients, 24 hours / 24 hours to fully meet their needs for medicines (medicines, injections, etc.) and parapharmaceuticals (creams, syrups, etc.). The pharmacy manager of the clinic, who is in the clinic every day, is in charge of the pharmacy.

The clinic offers free compulsory vaccination during the winter months to those patients who need vaccination, with the administration of the influenza vaccine according to the instructions of KELPNO.

The distribution of medicines (hospitalization) is ensured daily 24 hours a day by the nursing staff depending on the medication of each patient.

12) Microbiological tests

Our clinic cooperates with an external Microbiological Laboratory certified with ISO and provides all the necessary daily blood draws and microbiological examinations to the patients of the clinic (hematology, urine tests, control of drug levels in the blood, etc.)

13) Hairdressing Service

The clinic undertakes the treatment and haircut of its patients by an external partner. The clinic also undertakes nail care and shaving at no extra charge.

14) Garden

The clinic has a green courtyard for patients, who take a daily walk enjoying the sun under the supervision of an occupational therapist which is accompanied by coffee and discussion in a group session, in an environment closer to nature without the exhaust and city ​​noise pollution.

Asclepios Private Mental Health Hospital

Asclepios Private Mental Health Hospital