At Athens Hospital, we welcome patients from all over the world providing top-quality medical services, helping them feel at home and making their experience as smooth as possible, with our multilingual medical and administrative staff tending to their every need.

Athens Hospital is a general clinic housed in a modern building at the centre of Athens, in the area of Kypseli.

The Clinic was fully renovated in 2016 in line with the modern medical requirements and offers up-to-date, high-value medical and healthcare services.

It has 69 beds in luxurious rooms, spread over seven floors, providing premium services in internal medicine, general surgery and many more medical branches, at reasonable cost.

High-quality healthcare services should not be a privilege for the few but an entitlement for as many as possible. Led by this principle, we work tirelessly to keep our infrastructure and expertise to the highest available standards.

True to our vision to stand by the patients with respect, care and responsibility, we offer personalized services that meet their needs.

Athens Hospital is located within easy reach of the city’s main sightseeing attractions and thousands of accommodation choices for all tastes and budgets, while Athens’ largest park is only a few minutes’ walk away.

o   Internal medicine

o   Cardiology

o   Interventional cardiology

o   Nephrology

o   Urology

o   Gynaecology

o   Orthopaedics

o   Endocrinology

o   Neurology

o   Pulmonology

o   Rheumatology

o   Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)

o   Pain Management

o   Gastroenterology

o   Interventional gastroenterology

o   CT scan

o   Stress Echo Test

o   Endoscopy

o   Electrocardiography (EKG)

o   Body and vascular ultrasound (Triplex)

o   Transoesophageal echocardiography

o   Stress test

o   Holter monitor

o   X-ray

o   Biochemical lab

o   Microbiology lab

o   Immunology lab

o   Thyroid biopsy

o   Post-Covid medicine

Surgery Department:

o   General surgery

o   Plastic surgery

o   Vascular surgery

o   Microsurgery

o   Urology

o   Gynaecology

o   Orthopedics


Special Departments:

o   Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and High Dependency Unit (HDU)

o   Dialysis – Artificial Kidney Unit

Athens Hospital has an Intensive Care Unit caring for patients with life-threatening conditions, while our High Dependency Unit hospitalises patients who need constant monitoring and a larger degree of alertness.

Our Artificial Kidney Unit allows visitors with chronic renal failure to keep up with their haemodialysis needs whilst in Greece, in a comfortable environment, with our highly-specialised and experienced medical and nursing staff and cutting-edge equipment. The Unit provides:

  • Short- or long-term treatment
  • Ambulance services
  • 24/7 biochemical, microbiology and blood tests
  • Ultrasound and CT examinations
  • European insurance funds and private insurance cover

Why choose us:

  • Dedicated, expert medical personnel and nursing staff
  • Top-of-the-line infrastructure and equipment
  • Fully certified medical procedures
  • A culture that brings the patient centre-stage
  • Geared towards meeting the needs of out-of-town visitors
  • Located close to accommodation and Athens attractions