The Creta InterClinic covers an area of 5.300 square meters. The building has been  renovated to adjust the contemporary specifications for provision of advanced medical service.

All common areas in Creta InterClinic are air-conditioned. All wards are air-conditioned and equipped with satellite TVs, whereas each bed is provided with an individual phone handset.

The medical equipment

In order to ensure service provision of the highest standards, the Creta InterClinic uses last generation medical equipment which supports biomedical technology.

The staff

The scientific “core” of the Creta InterClinic consists of a group of hardworking, compassionate and distinguished surgeons and specialists who are committed to giving our patients nothing less than the best. Their work is supported by specialized and experienced nurses who have been chosen for their professional skills and their commitment to giving a high standard of personal care to our patients. Moreover, each member of the paramedical, administrational and technological staff has been carefully recruited and has expertise in his field

The services

At the Creta InterClinic we have extensive experience across a wide range of surgical procedures, and we offer facility for all kinds of tests including X-rays, scans, endoscopic procedures and blood tests. In specific, the diagnostic service is provided by the following laboratories and medical departments:


o   Hemodynamic

o   Hematology

o   Immunology

o   Cytology

o   X-Ray

o   CT scanning

o   Biochemistry

o   Gamma Camera

o   Endocrinology

o   Endoscopy

o   Laparoscopy

o   Electro physiological Dept.

o   EEG

o   Electromyography

o   Hepatology

o   Cardiology

o   Microbiology

o   Mastography

o   MRI (open)

o   Osteoporosis

o   Urology

o   Urodynamic

o   Andrology – Spermlab – Prostate test

o   Opthalmology

o   Endocrine-RIA Lab

o   Exercise Test

o   Hypertension lab

o   Spiromerty

o   Ultrasound

o   Doppler

o   Triplex

o   Digital Angiography

o   NT

o   Audiolab

o   Brain mapping

The therapeutic service is provided by the following medical departments.

·  Vascular Surgery

·  Abdominal and General Surgery

·  Laparoscopic Surgery

·  Thoracic Surgery

·  Cardiology and Cardiosurgery

·  Neurology and Neurosurgery

·  Ongology

·  Urology

·  Dermatology

·  Endocrinology


·  Orthopedics

·  Internal Medicine

·  Ophtalmic Surgery

·  Pulmonary Dept

·  Breast center

·  Reumatology

·  Plastic Surgery

·  Microsurgery

·  Vascular Laser Surgery




The Creta InterClinic was the first private hospital in Crete equipped with Intensive Care Unit and Hemodynamic laboratory. 

Surgery at the Creta InterClinic

The Creta InterClinicl offers a wide range of surgical procedures, treatments and tests. At the Creta InterClinic we understand the delicate nature of these surgical procedures and treatments and we treat our patients with the utmost sensitivity. Creta InterClinic provides facilities for both inpatient and outpatient care (day surgery). The surgery facilities available at the Creta InterClinic encompass 4 operating theatres (one of them is equipped for open heart operations) and one intensive care unit. (CCU, RCU, Rehabilitation Units).

The Creta InterClinic was the first private hospital in Crete which performed Neurosurgery operations and cardiovascular operations.

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) in Creta InterClinic

At the EMS department of Creta InterClinic a full medical team is available 24 hours a day, trained and equipped to deal with medical emergencies, and dedicated to restoring our patients to full health as fast as possible

The Creta InterClinic is at the moment the only private Clinic in Crete which is sufficiently equipped to accept every incident of emergency and to provide the whole range of specialized medical services, as well as all the advanced practices of the applied medicine and hospital care.

In order to ensure the patients’ safety during their transportation to our Clinic three (3)  fully equipped Ambulances are available 24 hours a day.

Visiting the outpatients department at the Creta InterClinic

Whatever the reason for a patient is to visit Creta InterClinic, he will feel confident that is benefited from up-to-date techniques, procedures and technology. The personnel of the outpatients department at the Creta InterClinic ensure that every patient:

  • receives information about the hospital’s services in a language that is easy to understand
  • is cared for in a safe and comfortable environment, with appropriate clinical standards
  • is given a clear explanation about your condition by his consultant and any treatment, investigation or procedure proposed, including any risks and alternatives, before agreeing on the course of action to be taken
  • is able to seek a second opinion if he so wish
  • has access to his medical records
  • expects all hospital staff to treat any information about his condition in confidence
  • has access to an up-to-date register of consultants with practicing privileges at the hospital with details of their specialties
  • has any complaint, verbal or written, fully investigated and receive a response, either verbal or written in accordance with our complaints policy
  • is able to choose whether or not to take part in clinical staff training and whether to take part in research
  • finds the direction signs throughout the hospital clear and easy to follow.

Hospitalization in Creta InterClinic

From the moment that our patients arrive to the Creta InterClinic, our thoughtful, understanding, supportive staff is devoted to their well-being. We explain the medical matters in straightforward language, without using technical terms or jargon. In conjunction with each patient’s consultant, we give our patients all the facts and advice and we help them prepare for their stay. We make sure that our patients receive every service they require and we are ready to discuss wit them any decisions affecting their treatment. There are always friendly faces on hand to answer their questions and make sure that they are at ease with what’s happening. We always aim to provide our patients:

  • 24 hour-a-day access to a doctor in accordance the medical care needs of each patient
  • at least one visit every day from a senior member of the nursing team
  • an allocated member of the care team, who will co-ordinate care and act as a primary contact point for the patient as well as for friends or relatives
  • privacy and dignity at all times
  • confidence that patients’ rights are recognised and respected by all staff involved in their care regardless of age, disability, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation
  • a range of meals, with a variety of choices, including those suitable for special dietary or clinical needs

Going home

When a patient is discharged, we want him to feel confident that he has sufficiently prepared for his return home. And so, in conjunction with his consultant, we aim to ensure that he will be:

  • provided with all the necessary advice, information and medical supplies to enable his immediate return to his home
  • given all relevant contact details to enable him to call the hospital at any time should any problems arise
  • contacted, by a member of his care team once he is at home (if he so wish), to confirm that he is making a satisfactory recovery and to provide him with any further advice

Pricing policy & Health Insurance Coverage

The majority of travel and health insurance organizations have already contracted the Creta InterClinic to provide their insured members a variety of services from a simple pre-insurance control (check-up) up to the treatment of serious incidents.

However even if there is no cover by private medical insurance, the Creta InterClinic  will give the patient the reassurance of knowing the cost of treatment before coming into hospital. The Creta InterClinic also believe in pricing our services so that they are as affordable as possible and at any case much lower than in any hospital in Germany.

The patient is not required to pay anything towards his / her surgery costs until his / her admission to the Creta InterClinic. No deposit is required in advance.

The Creta InterClinic accepts all credit cards and travellers’ checks. The payment of the medical expenses and the doctors’ fees are made at the admission date to the Creta InterClinic.

Deposits are not required.

Below are guide prices for the most common operations. There is no charge for the first consultation -Prices are fixed and inclusive of:

  • Accommodation in a two-bed ward,
  • Surgeon and anaesthetist fees,
  • Operation theatre costs
  • Nursing costs
  • Medication pertaining to the operation and aftercare in Crete
  • Post-operative consultations in Crete
  • Follow-up contact and consultations with your surgeon when you return to the UK

Contact Details

For further information please contact:

Mrs Fragkaki Renia
63 Minoos Street
71304 Heraklion

Tel.       0030 2810 371205

Fax:     0030 2810 371206

Creta Interclinic

Creta Interclinic