Cretan Medicare S.A. consists of private, modern and well-equipped Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centres, dedicated to delivering a comprehensive and broad range of advanced medical services on the island of Crete. Our multi-lingual crew of medical, nursing and administrative staff work side by side to get medical assistance and treatment to people quickly and efficiently, while ensuring our patients safety with responsible and professional health services and assistance.

Cretan Medicare has all the ‘frontline’ disciplines of medical science in order to treat all sorts of health problems and our vision is to provide medical services under exceptionally configured conditions, with sensitivity, scientific completeness and consistency. Our mission is to prevent, treat and care for our patient’s health problems, in a friendly environment created by the medical, nursing and administrative staff.

A few of the services we offer:

  • One-Day Medical Tourism for the Intervention and Treatment of Orthopaedic, Urological, Ophthalmological, Plastic Surgery and IVF cases
  • Intervention and Treatment for Male Impotence
  • Diagnostic Testing for Cancer: Prostate, Breast and Thyroid
  • Radiology & Micro-laboratory services
  • Ambulance transportations
  • Day care observation units
  • International Patient Department

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Cretan Medicare S.A.

Cretan Medicare S.A.