THE DEAL news, published every week, Every Friday from May 22 when first released aims to do deal with the reader on issues, business, economy, stock market, politics to sports, the media etc.
This is the first business newspaper in Greece with emphasis on revealing the background and all the parameters of the economy by outlining the issues with seriousness and vertical resolution.
The Deal news does not want to be yet another financial newspaper like the ones on the market. It seeks to bridge the gap for a meaningful information and reports that are not based solely on press releases for companies, agencies and ministries.
It is a truly independent newspaper with no commitments and interests that hide can handle the role.

60% of our readers are men and 40% women. 36% are 13-34 years old, 40% are 35-54 years old and 25% are 25-34 years old. 36% is Higher / Higher Education, another 36% is Higher Education. 60% are employees while 25% belong to the Upper-middle socio-economic class.

Circulation: 5.500 sheets