Dioni Care SA

Dioni Care SA

In an ideal 10 acres wide, green and beautiful countryside landscape, Dioni Nursing Care Unit is situated. With more than 12 years of operation, the modern facilities of Dioni cover a total area of 2,500 sq. and are built according to International standards, with functional spaces, large bright corridors and specially constructed rooms that serve and meet the needs of even the most demanding guest, with special care to provide a modern, yet family atmosphere.


Taking into consideration the modern requirements of our society and the need of vulnerable Social Groups, we have created a space in a green-countryside environment, in order to ensure the well-being, comfort and safety of our guests, with tenderness, love and care from our trained and highly experienced staff. 

The location, the contact with nature, the responsibility, the respect and the love with which we take care of our people, make Dioni Nursing Care Unit a really unique place!  In addition, the Greek climate is ideal for all foreign visitors to enjoy a healthy and quality stay!

Our Unit has a capacity of 85 beds, single, double, triple and 4-bed rooms, but also many sitting areas, such as fully equipped lounges & dining rooms for the pleasant employment and stay of our guests.

Dioni Nursing Care Unit offers certified services in accordance to the ISO 9001: 2015 Certification System which covers the strictest criteria and conditions at all service levels. Our certification makes our Unit one of the few Elderly Units in Greece which are certified at this level.

Dioni offers on a daily basis:

  • 24-hour nursing care by experienced nurses and well-trained nurses, who take care of the nursing, pharmaceutical and personal hygiene.
  • Daily medical follow-up by an experienced physician, who prescribes drugs and examinations, as well as collaboration with specialized doctors and physiotherapists.
  • Rich diet and special diet always with the advice of our doctor & nutritionist. The diet is rich and includes three meals a day in addition to the special diet that may be required in some cases of special diseases, which are prepared through a specialized catering service.
  • Psychosocial care on a daily basis by an experienced social worker, creative employment groups, events, seminars, as well as individual psychological support of relatives, experiential groups, etc.
  • Personal care such as personal hygiene, washing and ironing clothes, limb care, haircut, etc.
  • Library


  • Medical monitoring
  • Medication
  • Nursing Care 24 hours a day
  • Personal Care and Personal Hygiene
  • Collaboration with specialized doctors
  • In special medical cases, offer all the services required
  • Physiotherapy and Therapeutic Massage
  • Psychological support


Dioni Nursing Care Unit offers individual psychosocial support, Recreational & Social events (festive, informative, etc.), Creative work with special groups coordinated by the Social Worker (daily information group, library group, painting group). Social activities aim to maintain the physical, spiritual and mental well-being of the Nursing.

Dioni has a Physiotherapy Center, a special nursing room and a Department of Psychological Support.

In addition, in all areas there are special bars for assisting our guests who have walking difficulties, as well as ramps for easy movement of the disabled.