We started as an office for Childrens Dentistry in 1978 when the founder of EURODENTICA, Dr. Nikolaos S. Kouvelas returns from a postgraduate program in Pediatric Dentistry from U of T Toronto-Canada.

In 1982 the office expanded into peadodontic-orthodontic practice. In 1991 we became the first SA dental company in Greece. In 1997 we open an office in Moscow in collaboration with SPECTRA. In 1998 we presented the new name of our company, EURODENTICA and at the same time we corporate specialized dentist with post graduate studies in USA in all the fields of Dental Specialties. Thus, we treat our patients not just as General Practitioners do but as Specialized Dentists. In 1999 we developed Dental offices in 3 different areas in Athens as well as in Santorini and Spetses. The main office in Athens is established in 500m2 in two levels. In 2014 we‘ve been acknowledged by TEMOS certification.

In Dental enterprise the presence of Dental offices crewed exclusively by specialized Dentists is extremely rare. In the immediate goals of EURODENTICA are the HELLENES ABROAD as well as the Disabled Patients, where the experience and ability of our staff is in a unique level.

Dentistry is provided in our premises by specialized Dentists with a 3 year postgraduate education in one of 8 different specialties and at the same day our patient can be treated by 2-3 Specialized Dentists. The combined and integrated treatment plan to our patients is provided by the collaboration of 4-5 different dental specialties.

In EURODENTICA we provide the services of:

  • an Aesthetic Dentist,
  • of an Endodontist,
  • of a Periodontist,
  • of a Prosthetic Dentist and a Cad-Cam Dentistry,
  • of a Maxillofacial Surgeon,
  • of an Orthodontist,
  • of Children’s Dentistry and
  • Da Vinci® S Robotic System
  • Dentistry for Disabled Patients.

We have decades of experience in providing dental care to dental phobic and sensitive to approach patients, under sedation, and by the support of an Anesthesiologist.

Highly specialized dermatological treatment is also available in our premises by Aesthetic Surgeons, on a weekly basis, in order to assure safety and the highest standard of the holistic evaluation of our patient’s maxillofacial outline.

Our Dental Clinic is certified by TEMOS providing seal of trust for the patients’ safety in combination with the highest standards of Dental Care provided by external and internal educators. The constant continuous education of Dental Assistants and Secretaries, on a monthly basis, accomplishes not only the requirements of TEMOS but also the Board Members’ vivid and active view with regards to behavioral culture and service quality towards our patients.

For more information please visit www.eurodentica.gr


Eurodentica S.A.

Eurodentica S.A.