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Gamma Air Medical, founded in 1997 by three doctors (two general surgeons and one thoracic surgeon), is the commercial appearance of long-time hard work at the air medical transportation field. Gamma Air Medical is a pioneer in private air ambulance services in Greece.

Main object has always been the air medical transportation and medical escort of patients via means of air transport- air ambulance fixed and rotary wing or commercial scheduled flights. The principal of the company has always been the safe transfer of people suffering (bedside to bedside service) ensuring the best possible medical evacuations with specialist doctors and nursing staff, properly equipped means of transportation (ground, air, or water) and adequate medical supplies.

Furthermore, our activities expand to a range of medical advisory services: Basic Principles of Aviation Medicine and First Aid Courses for flying crew staff, First-Aid Medical kits, Health expenses/cost containment, Medical visits and Medical reports.

Our experience in the medical evacuation field for over 27 years enables us also to provide medical advice on the ability of an individual to travel safely- “fit to fly” and “medical clearance” for passengers on commercial scheduled flights. This advisory medical opinion, the implementation of educational programs for health service units of air carriers and organization of conferences, lectures or workshops on scientific issues are additional activities of our company.

We are on duty 24/7. You can call us any hour of day or night, any day of the week on +30 210 2855109 or better send us an e-mail at


Air Ambulance Flights

Gamma Air Medical provides Bedside to Bedside transportation as a standard procedure service including all ground transport needed.

Taking into consideration the diagnosis and the patient’s medical history provided by the attending or treating physician, along with the distance of the trip, we suggest the most appropriate means of transfer. We also decide the specific additional medical equipment required and the medical escort specialty who will accompany the patient.

We operate our medical cases on leased aircrafts, giving us the advantage of excluding any broker involvement, thus minimizing the total cost of an Air Ambulance flight.

Gamma Air Medical owns “state of the art” portable medical equipment certified for aviation use (respirator; vital signs monitor; syringe pumps; medical oxygen cylinders of aviation type; POC -Personal Oxygen Concentrator; and Incubator for neonates).

The Managing Director, Dr. Gregory Kyriakou is an experienced pilot himself, trained in Aviation and Space Medicine, while Medical and dispatching staff are following continuous training program both in aviation medicine and flight planning, being capable to take any operational decision necessary to ensure the safety of the flight and patient’s uncomplicated and uneventful arrival to destination.

Medical Escort on Commercial Flights

Gamma Air Medical provides superior Medical Escort services for patients travelling on commercial flights on both domestic and international flights. Highly trained and experienced MD or Registered Nurses specialized in Aviation Medicine and Travel Medicine, equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, are available to accompany the patient anywhere in the world.

Our Medical staff provides all the In-flight medical care needed, helps the patient/passenger with the stretcher or the wheelchair, with the tickets or the change of airplanes and the final transfer of the patient to his destination, making his trip absolutely safe.

Car Ambulance Services

Gamma Air Medical provides patient ground transfer services with fully medical equipped ambulance vehicles in BLS (Basic Life Support) or ALS (Advanced Life Support) and ICU (Intensive Care Unit) configuration.

Our company organizes and coordinates the ambulance transfer of patients anywhere requested (inter-facility transport; hospital discharges; long distance transports; neonates in incubator) escorted by MD or Registered Nurse Gamma Air Medical staff. We take up all cases of “secondary” transportation within the greater area of Athens, but also anywhere in Greece.

Through our worldwide network of cooperators, we can coordinate and provide car ambulance transportation in other countries almost everywhere in the world. We provide leasing services for ambulance vehicles (on standby) covering public, social or religious events.

Medical Clearence

Highly trained medical personnel of our company, available 24/7, provide medical advice to airline companies whether a passenger, who suffers from a medical condition, is “Fit to Fly” on commercial scheduled flight.

All recent Medical Information is reported to our company via e-mail which is thoroughly studied and evaluated. The on-duty doctor, based on the given info, decides if the trip endangers the passenger’s/patient’s health or his co-passengers’, allowing the person in question to travel or not.

Health Expenses Control & Medical Reports

Gamma Air Medical, with multiple medical cases over the years, has accumulated substantial experience in health expenses cost control and containment. We can provide unique services to our clients, focusing on pro-acting in maintaining lower costs for the health services provided.

The highly trained medical personnel of Gamma Air Medical can also provide medical consulting to major insurance companies and travel assistance companies from around the globe. We can monitor patients who are hospitalized in public hospitals as well. When there is difficulty getting substantial information for the insured customers that travel to Greece, due to the long distance and the language barrier, we can obtain medical info and give medical reports for each case.

First Aid Courses

Gamma Air Medical has gained valuable experience during the years of involvement in the Aviation Medical field. We consider ourselves experienced enough to provide First Aid Medical Courses to all Flying Crew of airlines (passengers’ cabin & cockpit), so they can provide substantial help in case of an emergency during a flight.

For years we have been organizing First Aid Courses for flying personnel, as part of their initial or recurrent training program, with great success.

The Courses are aiming to teach safety and basic medical procedures to cabin crew and cockpit crew of commercial and business aircraft companies. The Courses are consisted of theoretical and practical instruction. The use of audiovisual means during the courses is considered our specialty, blended with practice on training manikins.

We also organize First Aid Courses for large companies (hotel chains; athletic clubs; etc) that need their staff updated and ready to deal with cases of emergency in their everyday work routine.

We are on duty 24/7. You can call us any hour of day or night, any day of the week on +30 210 2855109 or better send us an e-mail at


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