Genesis Athens Clinic, is the largest IVF Clinic in Greece and one of the busiest ones in Europe, at the forefront of our science and profession. Dr Konstantinos Pantos, Founder and Head of this Clinic and his colleagues are proud to have contributed to the turnaround of an ouBlow of patients from Greece in the recent past into a massive influx of infertile couples from over 65 countries around the world at present, running more than 6000 cycles annually and making our homeland a well-targeted destination for Medical Tourism.

Since 2004, our clinic has aimed to give back the smile on infertile couples and hope that they will be able to keep their hands on their own baby. GENESIS ATHENS Clinic affording modern equipment and manpower composed by top scientists, has already managed to make deep incisions in the sensitive field of health.

Following a constant upgrading and incorporating cutting edge and initiative technologies on patient care- infertile couples, it has gained international recognition. Further to that, we work by ensuring valuable partnerships and research protocols, targeting to the basic objective of addressing infertility.

During the last 4 years, GENESIS AHENS clinic provides practical education in the e-learning program “Human Reproduction” of the University of Athens and the Hellenic Society of reproduction Medicine to young scientists, α highly successful program that has been requested from the University of Bucharest, while already been sought by other countries.

At the same time, 2 years ago we are involved in the national effort for the development of medical tourism in our country. Indeed we have the know-how and experience to the medical tourism framework development, as many years we have managed to be the reference point for the infertile couples from around the world. Participating, actively, in the International Institute of Health Tourism and the Global Greek Doctors’ Institute we keep on advising the diaspora for the competitive advantages of our country.

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Genesis Athens Clinic

Genesis Athens Clinic