The central pillar of the Global Doctors’ Hippocratic Institute is the catholic promotion of the universal character of the Hippocratic medical science and medical thought, as well as networking Greek and international scientific human resources under one roof.

Having as a common goal the Hippocratic Medicine, Thought and Philosophy, the Global Hippocratic Doctors’ Institute contributes in the scientific and professional development of the international medical capital by creating these conditions that are suitable for the establishment of the Hippocratic awareness in the international medical community and the promotion and visibility of the Hippocrates philosophy in the international medical world.

The critical health condition the world faces today puts the promotion of the medical science as well as the elevation of the Hippocratic medical values in the forefront.

The Global Doctors’ Hippocratic Institute is an international hub for connecting all Physicians – Doctors around the world aiming at:

  • The exchange of views and the development of scientific dialogue and know-how for the creation of a vital core of medical networking
  • The voluntary provision of specialized Hippocratic Medical services
  • The establishment and awarding of Excellence Awards for prominent Doctors, with internationally renowned record of activity
  • The organization of events, workshops, conferences and transnational meetings
  • The historical revival and promotion of the Oath of Hippocrates and Hippocratic Medicine, around the world
  • The development of cooperation networks with national, European and international structures and organizations in relation to health and the human-being
  • The creation of Hippocratic Medical Philosophy Educational Programs, as well as the development and implementation of activities related to education and training in Hippocratic Medicine
  • The interconnection of medical schools around the world with Hippocrates’ medical philosophy and ethics.
Global Doctors’ Hippocratic Institute

Global Doctors’ Hippocratic Institute