Global Greek Doctors’ Hippocratic Institute

Global Greek Doctors’ Hippocratic Institute

Global Greek Doctors’ Institute is a non-profit civil society – non-governmental organization.


The crucial economic and social crisis that Greece is facing imperative the emergence of the universality of Greek medical science and the reunification of the Greek medical scientific potential through the international networking of the Greek physicians active in the world.


The purpose of the Institute is scientific, informative, research, social, educational and professional, and cannot be or become profit-making. Its specific purpose is to become the international hub for the interconnection of all Greek physicians around the world with the aim of

  • The exchange of views, the development of scientific dialogue and the transfer of know-how between them
  • The development, dissemination and support of scientific research, by presenting and making available to the scientific community research work, findings and proposals on fields of medical science that are of major interest to Greek doctors worldwide
  • The continuous information and education at the theoretical and practical level of Greek doctors worldwide
  • Their co-operation and professional development
  • Facilitating them to find work and career opportunities in other countries
  • The formulation of proposals and the creation of incentives and conditions for Greek Doctors abroad to return and work in Greece
  • The voluntary provision of specialized medical services by Greek Doctors in cases requiring immediate and objective humanitarian assistance throughout the world
  • The establishment and award of Excellence Awards for Greek Doctors with internationally recognized action
  • The promotion among Greek physicians around the world of the spirit of Greek science and of Greek culture in general and the strengthening of their ties with Greece

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