Euromedica Geniki Kliniki of Thessaloniki

Euromedica Geniki Kliniki of Thessaloniki

Who we are:

Euromedica Geniki Kliniki of Thessaloniki , with 247 beds is the 2nd largest private healthcare unit in the northern part of Greece and recognized as one of the 8 top hospitals of the country. It is certified by EN ISO 9001 (2008) and ISO 15189.

1974, Geniki Kliniki of Thessaloniki was founded by a group of 11 renowned doctors, with the aim of creating a high standard model private hospital in Northern Greece.

1978, was its first year of operation.

2004, Geniki Kliniki of Thessaloniki, becomes a member of the Euromedica Healthcare Group of Companies.


Mission Statement:

In Euromedica Geniki Kliniki of Thessaloniki, we recognize the value of every single person and we are guided by our commitment to high quality health services. We believe that the needs of every patient come first and everyone is treated with respect and dignity.


Our location:

The hospital is build by the sea front and most rooms have a wonderful view to the sea. The center of the town can be easily accessed, using the public transport, and so can be the airport, which is only 15’ away by car.

Euromedica Geniki Kliniki of Thessaloniki extends over 7 floors, ground floor and basement, covering a total of 9000m2 and consists of:

  1. 214 beds distributed in specially designed and fully equipped rooms of various categories, sea-view suites, luxury, single, double, triple and 4-bed rooms.
  2. 8 operating theaters, out of which 3 are used for laparoscopic operations with HD laparoscopic towers, 1 for orthopedic procedures, 1 for neurosurgery ,1 for urology procedures and the remain for all kind of surgeries. Our brand new operating theater Storz OR1 GX- intuitive control of all functions via touch screen and/ or speech control- fast, easy and safely controlled directly from the sterile area
  3. 4 operating theatres specially designed for the performance of ophthalmologic operations
  4. 2 cardiothoracic operating theaters
  5. Highly equipped Intensive Care Unit of a total capacity of 11 beds
  6. Cardio-thoracic Intensive Care Unit of a total capacity of 14 beds
  7. Coronary Care Unit


Our medical services:

In Euromedica Geniki Kliniki of Thessaloniki, we cover all medical specialties:

  1. Internal Medicine Department
  2. Cardiology Department
  3. Surgical Department
  4. Special Surgeries (hepato-pancreato-biliary surgeries)
  5. Special Units, Diagnostic Division
  6. Paediatrics
  7. Obstetrics
  8. Gynecology
  9. Neonatal Unit
  10. Minimal-invasive Surgery
  11. Interventional Radiology
  12. Diagnostic Laboratories (Cardiology Lab, CT Scan, Digital Angiography, Endoscopy, Microbiology/Biochemical/Hematology, MRI, Mammogram, Radiology, Ultrasound)
  13. Outpatient Department
  14. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


Our message about Medical Tourism:

It has been a great honor for Euromedica Geniki Kliniki of Thessaloniki the fact that since 2009 all medical departments, operating theaters and laboratories have been certified by the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001 by TUV Hellas and our biochemical-immunology and hematology lab with ISO 15189.

Euromedica Geniki Kliniki of Thessaloniki is a state-of-the-art private hospital, where every international patient can entrust with no hesitation, his most valuable asset; his health.

With scientific expertise and cutting-edge medical technology are hospitalized every year more than 22.000 inpatients and 20.000 outpatients, hundreds of which are international patients. Apart from this, Euromedica Geniki Kliniki of Thessaloniki has been the medical provider of choice of the new Libyan government in 2012, hospitalizing more than 1.500 Libyan patients.


Euromedica Geniki Kliniki of Thessaloniki
Marias Kallas 11 & Gravias 2, 546 45 Thessaloniki
Tel: +302310 895100, +302310895166
Fax: +302310895142
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