European Interbalkan Medical Center

The European Interbalkan Medical Center, located in Thessaloniki, is the largest, most modern comprehensive private hospital in South-Eastern Europe. It is a member of Athens Medical Group, the top Health Service provider in Greece.

With indoor facilities of unique aesthetics and ergonomics, deployed over an area of 50,000 m2, the Center has a 383-bed capacity, offering a wide range of ward rooms (three-bed, two-bed, one-bed, luxury, suites). Furthermore, the Center’s infrastructure includes 18 fully equipped Operating Rooms and an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of 21 beds.


The Center offers a full range of healthcare services. Apart from the facilities of the General Hospital, it consists of the Paediatrics Clinic, the Maternity-Gynaecological Clinic and the IVF and Infertility Center. A Rehabilitation Center also operates within the Hospital. Associates include top physicians of all specializations, selected according to their scientific qualifications, professionalism and conscientiousness. Many of them have been trained in the US, Germany and the UK, and they regularly participate in international medical conventions. Some of them have even expanded their respective fields by contributing and implementing new methods in interventional cardiology, congenital heart disease, brain embolization, etc.


European Interbalkan Medical Center has been officially included in the “Best Hospitals Worldwide 2014” by the Diplomatic Council (DC), passing the latter’s high qualification standard. Furthermore, it has been awarded the Temos “Quality in International Patient Care” international certification for its high quality services for international patients within the hospital and the even more prestigious Temos “Excellence in Medical Tourism” for its exceptional services to medical tourists and their complete care cycle. Its International Patients Department is the most organized and efficient department of that kind in Greece making sure that International Patients not only receive top-quality medical treatment, but also have a great overall experience. Needless to say that the Center is TUV Hellas certified according to the International ISO 9001:2008 and the ISO 22000:2005.

The Hospital is located next to Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia”, which is the second largest airport in Greece. It is also located near the main highway towards Halkidiki, one of the most popular tourism destinations in Greece. Athens Medical Group is cooperating with the largest Tour Operator in Greece, and can help you combine your medical treatment with a trip of your preference thus providing a memorable experience.

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