Filoktitis Medical Rehab Center

"FILOKTITIS» Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre provides rehabilitation services to adults, adolescents and children.

FILOKTITIS" Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre has been active in providing outpatient and inpatient hospital rehabilitation services since 2007. The basic principle governing our Centre’s operation is to provide assistance to patients – to confidently continue the new way of life that is dictated by their problem – by making all the modern medical and technological resources available to them.

The quality of the services provided are based upon on the high level of scientific teamwork, which is intensively provided on a permanent basis by the medical, therapeutic, nursing and other specialist staff.

Our Centre also provides the capacity for specialist doctors with whom we associate to conduct external examinations at the external Surgeries.

Our inclusion in the IASO Health Service Provider Group of Companies (IASO General and IASO Children’s) provides us with the capacity to cover acute emergency or regularly scheduled situations, which may potentially arise and require evacuation.

Physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, psychology, clinical dietician, neuropsychology and rehabilitation nursing are among the highly specialized services available to FILOKTITIS patients.

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