Group IASO


Group IASO is one of the largest health groups in Greece consisting of five hospitals and the largest stem cell bank in Greece.

Our hospitals (IASO, IASO Children’s Hospital, IASO General Hospital, FILOKTITIS Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre, IASO THESSALIAS General Hospital and MedStem Services) are located in Athens and in Larissa, a major hub in central Greece and capital of the prefecture of Thessaly.

They are all strategically located, providing and easy access from adjacent major road arteries and nearby airports.


The Maternity and Obstetrics Hospital IASO is located in Maroussi, Athens (25 km/20 min. from the Athens International Airport). With a capacity of 486 beds, it is one of the largest and most modern Obstetrics & Gynecological Hospitals in Europe with the largest number of deliveries per year in Greece.

IASO has s state-of-the-art Labor and Delivery Unit that covers all stages of labor, from the monitoring of the pregnant to the delivery of the baby and 10 modern, fully equipped operating theaters. It features an Adult Intensive Care Unit, staffed with specialized medical and nursing personnel and equipped with a centralized monitoring system, thus ensuring the full autonomy of the hospital and its ability to handle even the most severe cases.

Our services include an IVF center that boasts a proven track record in in-vitro fertilization, and as a result receives patients from all over the world, integrated Breast Center staffed by a team of laboratory and clinical doctors, as well as a psychologist offering full medical support ranging from diagnosis to psychological care, and other departments such as Laser & Plastic Surgery Unit which offers top notch quality services from renowned doctors and specialists.

IASO Care extends to the whole family through specialized services such as Nuclear Medicine (iodine, scintigraphy, etc), Medical Imaging (MRI, CT), Radiotherapy and an extensive range of outpatient services, making it essence the most complete hospital of its kind in Greece.

IASO hospital also features International Patients Department (IPD), a full service office that assists overseas patients visiting the hospital. It is staffed by administrative, nursing and financial services personnel that collaborate with the attending physicians and relevant Hospital Departments for the best possible care.

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