Nephroxenia Dialysis Centers

Nephroxenia Dialysis Centers

In Nephroxenia we are based on the mission of delivering excellent medical care to patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and Total Renal Failure through innovative and efficient programs, the latest technology, modern - top of the line - HaemoDialysis equipment and a warm yet professional customer service.

Nephroxenia Dialysis Centers are designed specifically around the requirements of a modern kidney patient. Here, you are treated as a guest, not just another patient to treat and release. From the pre-visit concierge assisting you with booking your stay and the warm welcome of our branded personal transport to the scenic views, friendly staff, and cozy yet spacious interior, your stay will be something you might just want to remember. In Nephroxenia you can combine world class dialysis with amazing holidays.

Comfortably hosting CKD patients is our number one priority. Our in-house concierge is experienced with visitors from all over the world and makes short work of all the details regarding transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, restaurant and venue bookings, and more. You can be secure in the knowledge that your visit will go over without a hitch.

Nephroxenia currently operates 3 Vacation Dialysis Centers, in Chania - Crete, Gerakini - Chalkidiki and Corfu.

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Nephroxenia Vacation Dialysis Centers contact details:
Tel.: +30 2821 821 800
Fax.:+30 2821 821 809
24hr: +30 6940 434332
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