Ophthalmos Institute

Ophthalmos Institute



OPHTHALMOS Institute, founded by Prof. Spyros Georgaras on 1985, is an innovating Eye Center, initially specialized on the anterior segment of the eye, and gradually evolving to cover all aspects of ophthalmic diseases. With more than 42.000 operations since its foundation, and an average of over 10.000 examinations annually, it is one of the most established and well known Eye Institutes in Greece and Europe.

If your needs are for a routine check-up, or a more specialized treatment as refractive (LASER) treatment, cataract surgery, retina and glaucoma therapy or visual rehabilitation and training, we can offer you and your family the expertise and advice you require, to make informed decisions about your visual health. In most circumstances you can be examined and have your procedure completed in less than a week.

Our medical staff consists of highly trained ophthalmologists with broad experience, medical and surgical expertise.

OPHTHALMOS is equipped with the most modern diagnostic and surgical systems of the latest technology, continuously upgraded, offering accurate and reliable diagnosis and treatment for all ophthalmological problems

OPHTHALMOS Institute is located in the centre of Glyphada, a south – seaside suburb of Athens, known for shopping, leisure and hotel facilities, that can be very easily reached from Athens city center or the International Airport, by various means of transportation.

Our friendly staff will give you any information you require and fix your appointment.


  1. General Ophthalmology - Diagnosis
  2. One Day Surgery
  3. Refractive Surgery
  4. Cornea – Transplantation (medical and surgical)
  5. Glaucoma
  6. Cataract
  7. Retina (medical and surgical)
  8. Paediatric ophthalmology and Strabismus
  9. Ocular surface diseases – Dry eye
  10. Eye Lid – Lacrimal and Orbital Surgery
  11. Low Vision
  12. Sports Vision
  13. Technology and Computers Department- Telemedicine
  14. Research and Continuing Education Department


Address: 13 A.Metaxa Str, Gr- 166 75 Glyphada Athens Greece
Telephone: 210 8940902-4
Fax: 210 8981688
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
URL: www.ophthalmos.gr


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