Health Tourism Greece

Health Tourism Greece

Health Tourism Greece – HTG, is a leading consulting company in the field of health tourism and health in general. Today, it serves a remarkable and extensive clientele throughout Greece and the world.


The key of its development was the revolutionary Vitabooking platform that it developed and that was to open the way to dozens of similar platforms in the world, but always remaining No.1 in its category. Vitabooking is a unique tool for connecting health structures and doctors with respective international patients who wish to travel abroad for medical services. In the field of health tourism in Greece, Vitabooking brought a revolution as thousands of patients from around the world chose Greece for health services, adding to the country’s GDP and boosting revenues from health tourism services. At the same time, it contributed to the extroversion of hundreds of companies in the field of health, facilitating their transition to this sector and supporting their development action.

Health Tourism Greece, through the experience gathered from the cooperation with hundreds of health institutions around the world quickly became active as a specialized Consultant in wider areas related to the field of health, health safety and safe travel through certified partners. It responds directly to the needs of each business, planning and implementing its future moves, through a wide range of specialized consulting services it provides.


Through the experience gained from the high demands of global customers, through Vitabooking, H.T.G quickly developed into a leading consulting company and provides services such as:

  • Promotion of health structures and the wider Medical Community in Greece and abroad
  • Health Safety Certifications
  • Use of required equipment according to global health safety standards
  • Consulting services to companies of health interest with the aim of their development

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