LYDIA Rehabilitation and Recovery Center, one of the most state-of-the-art rehabilitation clinics in Europe, is located the Municipality of Kavala, in East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece. It provides Healthcare – Hospitalization – Rehabilitation – Recovery services for both inpatients and outpatients. It offers the necessary scientific knowledge and infrastructure to address and provide treatment to all conditions concerning the nervous, muscular, skeletal, circulatory and respiratory systems, using the latest and most complete equipment worldwide. The scientific staff, comprising, among others, with the head Rehabilitation Doctor- Physiatrist leading and a team of physiotherapists, hydrotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologist, nutritionist, social worker, and functioning under the undeviating supervision of the doctors of the center, creates and implements the rehabilitation treatment plan.

In LYDIA Medical Rehabilitation Center we can hospitalize patients with chronic diseases or other disabilities. Also, in cases of families in which there is a member that needs special and medical care, this person can be close to the family in the period of their vacation enjoying the best medical services and care.

Our goal is for our patients to enjoy all the safety and support they need, and nurture the feeling for both them and their loved ones that even if they do not live under the same roof, they stay together and strong.

All rooms (triple, double, single rooms – suites) are equipped with innovative design electric beds for increased mobility, a nurse call system and spacious bathrooms with special service standards for people with mobility difficulties. Furthermore, they offer a comfortable stay as they provide a TV, a personal fridge, telephone and free Internet access.

We have to notify that the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace is a very peculiar place of natural beauty that combines many types of tourism the entire year, with alternative types of activities and excursions.

The region offers almost all types of touristic activities: cultural tourism, religious tourism, ecotourism ( the Elati forest, the Frakto forest, the Rhodope mountain range, the Nestos Delta, the Evros Delta, beautiful beaches on the coastline, impressive mountains and forests, the Maara cave, the Petroussa gorge in Drama,

the lakes Vistonida, Mitrikou and Ismarida, rivers, magnificent biotopes and unique natural reserves of impressive landscapes)

There are two airports in East Macedonia and Thrace, ‘Alexander the Great’ at Chrysoupoli in Kavala, which serves the prefectures of Drama and Xanthi, and ‘Democritus’ in Alexandroupolis, which serves the prefectures of Evros and Rhodope.

Lydia Rehabilitation and Recovery Center

Lydia Rehabilitation and Recovery Center