Michalopoulou & Associates Law Firm

Michalopoulou & Associates Law Firm

Michalopoulou & Associates law firm, has evolved to a specialized legal services firm to multinational companies, providing solutions in Healthcare, Pharma and Biotech, Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostics, ICT and Food sectors.


Industry specific transactional and regulatory proficiency help our clients navigate the complex legal and regulatory frameworks ruling medical devices, pharmaceutical compounds, cosmetics and nutritional products. Clinical trials, product development, licensing and reimbursement issues, patent protection, biotechnologies, AI, digital health, healthcare applications, data protection & privacy, e-health, telemedicine, consent to treatment, personalized medicine & nutrition, clinical negligence and medical malpractice, healthcare compliance and transparency, whistleblowing, corporate governance issues, sustainability consulting, intellectual property, competition issues, novel food, food supplements, cannabis products, consumer law, product safety are some of the areas we deal with on a daily basis.

Since 2002, Michalopoulou & Associates has delivered excellence through sophisticated legal services and successfully fulfilled disparate business or individual needs, putting the law under the microscope and the client first – at every stage of a legal process. The firm prides itself on the exceptional talent of its team of professionals; individually, they have developed significant legal experience working for international law firms, multinational corporations in the medical, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries and a vast array of private and public organizations.

Frequently invited as keynote speakers to conferences on Pharma & Health Law, we also take great pride on our dedicated newsletter “Legal X-rays” which discusses all the latest developments on global Health Law issues.

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