OMMA eye Institute is a major diagnostic and surgical Eye clinic in Athens Greece .

OMMA is owned and served by a group of 100 well established Ophthalmologists, all of them dedicated experts to specific sectors of ophthalmology.

It was created in 1990 as a referral eye care center   serving the needs of a large number of ophthalmologists in the Athens area, but it has now been established as a high standard Eye Day-Clinic. In its new 2500 sqm premises, just a breath away from the Athens   center, it currently handles more than 10000 cases per year. Almost one third of these are primary care cases and the rest are secondary care cases reffered to by over 500  ophthalmologists from all over Greece .

The ground of OMMA successful story is a combination of eye care expertise and application of cutting-edge technology equipment.

Specialized Departments of eye care in OMMA include Primary eye care Department, Corneal/Refractive Department, Glaucoma Department, Fundus and Macula Department, Diabetic Retinopathy Dept, Strabismus and Pediatric Ophthalmology Department, Orbit and Reconstructive eye surgery Department, Low Vision Aids Department, Eye Ultrasound Department, etc

All Depts are staffed by leading Ophthalmologists and specially ophthalmic nursing staff and equipped with modern high end medical equipment eg Spectralis HRA/OCT, Quantel Medical lase ,PASCAL Laser, Ellex laser.

OMMA equipment  includes:

Corneal/Refraction Dept

Pentacam, standard Topo, Endothelial count, Ultrasount Pachymetry, Contrast sensitivity, Heidelberg Anterior

Glaucoma Dept

Octopus Automated perimeters, HRT1, HRT3, Spectralis OCT, Optic Disc Photography, YAG, ALT and SLT Lasers

Fundus/Macula Dept

Spectralis 2 HRA/OCT Fluorescein and Indocynine, Clarus Zeiss FA, Heidelberg angio OCT, Optovue angio OCT, Topcon angio OCT, 2 Fundus Camera, Photodynamic treatment,

Operating room for anti-VEGF infusions,

Electrophysiology Dept

Standard ER, Multifocal ERG,EOG, VEP

Ultrasound Dept

Ellex EyeCube Ultrasound, Paradigm P40 UBM multistation for Ant ant Post Segm Ultrasound

Laser Dept

PASCAL, Ellex SLT, Quantel micropulse laser, Ellex YAG, Quantel YAG.

Surgical one-day Department

4 operating rooms, fully equipped with

— 4 Zeiss 700  Microscopes

— 3 Centurion Phaco systems, 2 Stellaris

— 1 Constellation system, 1 Dorc

— 2 Callisto

— 1 NGnuity

— 1 Diode lase Vitra 810 Quantel

— 1 IOL Master 700 Zeiss (biometry)

— 1 Heidelbrg Anterior (biometry)


 2 operating rooms, fully equipped with

— schwind amaris 1050

–wavelight excimer laser 500

–Avedro – corneal cross-linking