Our dedicated multidisciplinary team consisting of Doctors, Biologists, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Nurses, Movement Experts and Psychologists fully supports, empowers, and delivers the ultimate Personal Wellness Experience, to become the best version of yourself.

Our philosophy

Operating with a human-centered, 360°approach, we are here to optimize your everyday life, enhance your overall performance and help you achieve an optimal level of physical and mental wellbeing, along with a positive mindset.

Why us

We are the 1st centre that combines, designs and delivers multi-dimensional preventative health & wellness products and services, fully tailored to the individual’s and business needs. Always considering everyone’s uniqueness and zeal for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Personal Nutrition Services

Tailored nutrition and exercise play a key role in metabolism, optimal body function & performance, leading to longevity.

Physical Performance:

– Segmental Body Composition Analysis & ISAK – Anthropometry

– Resting metabolic rate measurement (RMR)

– Cardiorespiratory fitness test – VO2max during maximum and sub-maximum exercise.

Personal Laboratories Services

  1. Gut microbiome test
  2. Metabolomics for:

 – Vitamins, minerals and trace elements

 – Amino acids

 – Organic acids

 – Total fatty acids

  1. Oxidative stress test
  2. Sleep cycle test
  3. Blood biomarkers/Check-up

All results are accompanied with nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

Personal Supplements

Our innovative and exclusive range of Personal Supplements is manufactured in Germany and Austria, under the highest quality standards.

Their nutritional potency and health claims are fully compliant with the regulations of National Medicines Agency, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and all products are registered with E.O.F.

Our supplement formulas are free from allergens, excipients, bulking agents, fillers, preservatives,lactose or gluten. The capsule shell used is made from HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) thus, is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. All products are packed in sustainable, fully recyclable packaging and medicinal grade amber glass containers to preserve active ingredients during storage.

Personal Supplements protocols are recommended after the nutritional assessment and diagnostic tests, to support nutrient deficiencies and enhance overall nutrition intake.

At Personal Wellness, we design and deliver the Personal Wellness Experience, incorporating exclusive wellness services to hotel facilities, wholly personalized to the unique needs of every guest. These services are offered in 2 different models of collaboration, accurately aligned with our core value, that personal wellness is achieved, though prevention, nutrition, and lifestyle.

1.Establishment of Personal Wellness Clinic within the hotel unit where fully personalized wellness programs precisely designed to every individual as well as continuous supervision by the multidisciplinary expert team consisting of:

Dietician-Nutritionist | Medical staff| Wellness Coach | Movement Expert | Massage therapist

2. Personal Wellness Retreats are fixed duration retreats, for specific lifestyle goals such as: Anti-aging, Metabolism, Immunity, Stress, Weight Management, Sleep etc.


  • Swiss Approval Cert ISO 9001:2015 CERT No. TB-030-02-100-01268
Personal Wellness

Personal Wellness