February 1, 2021

Τwo recent testimonies of patients, traveling to Greece and making their dream come true…

In the midst of a pandemic and strict lock down, two couples talk about their experience of traveling to Greece to make their dream come true.

To have a child. “We overcame every obstacle, found flights, got special permission from government agencies and arrived in Greece to help after five years of failed IVF in Australia,” says Alan Baran. His wife had suffered a lot in recent years in Australia doing nine IVF attempts without result, and so he decided to give her a gift… a dream trip to Greece. “All flights were banned. Nothing was flying. The routes were few. And yet Alan managed to find a way. If you really want something, do not give up,” says Christina Baran, who at the age of 40 finally managed to get pregnant in twins. Our country is considered a destination for health tourism in matters of fertility. Our know-how, the direct integration of new techniques, our excellent services, good results and flexible legal framework make it a leader on the world map. Greece’s reputation has traveled to the most distant countries bringing Genesis Athens Clinic couples from 67 countries of the world. Angeliki Gourioti from Germany also traveled through the pandemic with great difficulty, as the last doctor in Germany had ruled out the possibility of her becoming a mother with her own genetic material. “Germany can no longer help you. For us you are unproductive couple. You are not going to have a child with your own eggs. It ‘s time to bury your dreams “, words that echoed disappointment and despair. This is when they decided to come to Athens, and contacted Dr. Pantos. An option was given, still under research but with so far good results, the PRP treatment, autologous Platelet Rich Plasma infusion into the ovaries, to have a chance of pregnancy with her own eggs. And Mrs. Mrs Gourioti managed to get pregnant indeed with her own eggs, and will soon be holding her baby in her arms. Her experience, as she said is that “Greek doctors not only show humanity and respect, but they are also fighters. They do not give up trying. And finally they do find a way to help while they treat you as a special case, not only based on protocols”.