June 16, 2022

30 years of medical experience in hair transplantation

Dr. Sotiris Theocharis, Dermatologist – Venereologist and Dermatologic Surgeon and has been performing hair transplantation surgeries, since 1994. 

 Originally, using the FUT-STRIP method and later on, using the FUE method or the combination of the two. He has performed a large number of hair transplantations, as well as restorations of previously unsuccessful transplantations, performed during his medical career, in a state-of-the-art surgery in his clinic Skin and Hair. 

With nearly 30 years of medical experience, Dr. Theocharis is one of the leading Dermatologic surgeons in Greece. 

Along with a fully trained medical team and multiple years of clinical experience in hair transplantation, we provide high-quality services for restoring androgenetic alopecia, achieving successful and natural-looking results. 

 Skin + Hair follows a specific medical protocol for this surgical procedure. At first, the patient will be examined by Dr. Sotiris Theocharis. After a clinical examination, obtaining a complete medical history and performing a Trichoscan, the doctor will give his written report and proposal, with the estimated number of hair follicles (transplants), and his realistic expectations for the outcome of the transplantation. 

A week before the procedure, detailed pre-operative instructions are given to the patient. The hair transplantation is performed by doctor Sotiris Theocharis together with the medical team, which consists of 8 people, medical and nursing staff, well trained by him. After the surgery, the patient receives a special Hair Care Kit for the first post-operative days, along with the necessary instructions. Finally, regular follow-up visits/examinations and subsequent treatments are planned for the optimal result. 

Some of our before and after cases: – attached photos