April 21, 2022

3D Laparoscopic System

CRETA INTERCLINIC, once again, pioneers in the field of advanced medical technologies, upgrading its surgeries with three- dimensional (3D) fixed field of vision systems (without loss of horizontal orientation of the image) and High-Resolution imaging, thus possessing one of the most modern laparoscopic systems in the country. 

Three-dimensional (3D) Vision during laparoscopy enables the projection of the three-dimensional surgical field on a two-dimensional screen. Three-dimensional laparoscopy, due to the greater sense of depth it offers, significantly increases the accuracy of operations, reduces their duration, as well as the number of complications, a fact that has been extensively demonstrated in literature. This means a reduction in the time required for hospitalization, as well as a rapid return of the patient to his daily activities. 

In addition, 3D vision, the basic, until recently, advantage of expensive robotic surgery, is now eliminated, as the vision that surgeons have in 3D Laparoscopy is comparable to that of robotic surgery. Patients receive high quality medical services, without incurring the exorbitant cost of robotic surgery, which for most is prohibitive. 

CRETA INTERCLINIC becomes the first private clinic of the Health Region of Crete that uses the specific technology of 3D Laparoscopy, achieving the upgrade of its medical equipment and thus providing its medical staff with the most advanced medical technologies, so that it, in its turn, offer the best possible care to patients.