June 20, 2022

8th Interdisciplinary Educational Conference “Advanced Technology in Rehabilitation, Post Covid Rehabilitation” at AKTIOS Rehabilitation Center

 The 8th Interdisciplinary Educational Conference on “Advanced Technology in Rehabilitation, Post Covid Rehabilitation” was co-organized after a two-year break, at the AKTIOS Recovery-Rehabilitation Center, by the Hellenic Society of Ergospirometry and by the Master Program of Medical School of   National Kapodistrian Medical School of Athens “Clinical Ergospirometry, Exercise, Advanced Technology and Rehabilitation”

The Conference was held on Saturday, June 4, 2022, in the Event Hall of AKTIOS-Rehabilitation Center and presented topics related to the scientific topicality in rehabilitation such as: Applications of state-of-the-art technology (Advanced technology) in rehabilitation and rehabilitation in patients after COVID disease.

In the morning sessions were presented modern methods for the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of dysphagia, and applications through Virtual Reality with immersion in the rehabilitation of patients with Vascular Stroke as well as Advanced technologies for prosthetic limbs were presented, with emphasis on application – Computer (BCI) in the rehabilitation and alternative communication of patients with severe neurological diseases, and the use of fuzzy logic in the evaluation of patients, technologies and decision-making for their rehabilitation in the framework of the “Aging in Place” approach. In the afternoon sessions were develloped the characteristics of the 21st century COVID-19 pandemic, its chronic consequences for patients and the relevant methods of rehabilitation.  AKTIOS-Rehabilitation, a member of the AKTIOS GROUP, with focus on the patient, enables the emergence of state-of-the-art information technology in the sensitive area of ​​rehabilitation while highlighting the value of scientific human resources in its development. The field of medicine and healthcare is during a rapid change. The future of health is expected to lead to a new balance between innovative medical practices and technologies and human contribution. “Technology has become perhaps the biggest factor of change in the modern world.”

Moderator of the Conference: Seraphim Nanas, Em. Professor of Pathology-Intensive Care of National Kapodistrian Medical School of Athens, Founder of Master of Medical School of   National Kapodistrian Medical School of Athens “Clinical Ergospirometry, Exercise, Advanced Technology and Rehabilitation”, Head of High Dependency Unit and Head of Research of “Aktios Medical Rehabilitation Center “