February 27, 2021

A “Hospitality Health and Safety” online certificate from VET by EHL at Metropolitan College

The VET by EHL, the skill training program of EHL Group that encompasses Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne – the world’s No1 Hospitality School, has developed an online training course for hotel and restaurant professionals, leading to a “Health and Safety” certificate.


Metropolitan College, already providing in Greece the globally recognized hospitality educational program VET by EHL in collaboration with EHL Group, has added to the portfolio of its’ Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management this up to date certified course developed by EHL Faculty – in line with the Swiss competency framework – that meets the current needs of international hospitality labour market. The aim of this course is to train hospitality staff for the new challenges posed by COVID-19 and other viruses/diseases.

“Hospitality Hygiene & Safety Training” is an online course designed for self-learning, offering a set of 14 online lessons complete with instructor led video material, a toolbox for daily activities, handouts and tests. This course is training hospitality workers in recognizing, evaluating and controlling health hazards in the working environment with the objective of protecting worker health, safeguarding guests and protecting establishment reputation. Upon successful completion, the course offers a personalized statement of completion issued by VET by EHL.

Learners will learn the latest practices in hygiene and safety procedures, including among others the following topics: Personal & Professional Hygiene | Occupational Health & Safety Best Practices | Causes, Symptoms & Remedies for hygiene issues | Introduction to HACCP method | Safety at work | Safety Aids & Tools in case of Fire | Ways to handle food allergies | The Importance of Documentation and Checklists and other.

Due to the new circumstances formed globally by COVID-19, the protection of health and safety of hospitality guests and employees has become more imperative than ever. The VET by EHL’s online “Hospitality Hygiene & Safety” course provides a solid response to today’s challenges in the hospitality industry and prepares staff of hotels and restaurants to deal successfully with the demanding next day in their workplace.