January 14, 2022

Accredited Scientific Researcher

The Scientific Director of IQ One Day Skin Clinics, Dr. Christoforos Tzermias, dermatologist specialized in UK and North America in LASER Dermatology, is Associated Researcher at the research team “Cancer – Hemostasis – Angiogenesis” of the Department “Cancer, Biology and Therapeutics” Centre de Recherché Saint Antoine, INSERM U938, Sorbonne University, in the frame of the ROADMAP program. His responsibility is to lead a translational research project on the development of: 


  • Precision Medicine Electronic Tools for diagnosis of patients with COVID-19 at risk of disease worsening, and 
  • Decision-Making Algorithms for anticipated treatment in the community. 

“As humanity is facing a devastating health crisis from the onset of COVID-19, documenting more than 170 million cases and 3.8 million deaths as of June, 2021, health care professionals have to support public health with available diagnostic tools, vaccinations and treatment strategies to save lives and control virus propagation”, says Dr. Tzermias. 

Facing observations and challenges with the coronavirus pandemic, INSERM public institute, operated under the authorities of the French Ministries of Health and Research, develops a scientific strategy and biomedical research involving a range of activities from the laboratory to the patient. To effectively ensure the project coherence of the medical research, INSERM cooperates with numerous partnerships in France and worldwide, such as university hospitals and prestigious research scientific teams. 

The Centre de Recherché Saint Antoine of INSERM U938, Sorbonne University, is a significant potential for fundamental and translational research performed by various accredited scientific teams mainly located on the site of the Saint-Antoine hospital. 

“Along with the clinical experience, the development of electronic health tools and decision-making algorithms can allow the earlier identification of patients with COVID-19 at risk of disease worsening, as well as the improvement of the benefit of a personalized therapy”, he says. 

Dr. Tzermias is a Founder Member of the European Society for LASERs and Energy Based Devices (ESLD) and a Fellow of the American Society for LASER Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS), the world’s largest scientific organization in the field of medical LASER applications. He works with higher education institutions and healthcare experts on a series of projects and research infrastructures, while he supports the development of e-health applications by sharing scientific knowledge and strategy at national and international level.  

Please call +30 210 6100900 for information on the multiple treatments Dr. Tzermias provides to his patients at IQ One Day Skin Clinics.