July 18, 2023

Active participation of IAKENTRO in the ESHRE congress

IAKENTRO IVF Center could not be absent from the established annual meeting of ESHRE, which this year took place at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, from June 25th-28th.

Installed on the comfortable and elegant corporate stand, the scientific team of the center attended the presentations of the “39th Conference of the European Community of Human Reproduction and Embryology” during which the latest developments in medically assisted procreation were presented by prestigious and international representatives, who highlighted the results of their studies in order to share their experience and knowledge on the subject of their specialization.

At this extremely important event, on the side of IAKENTRO, participated:

Nikos Prapas, professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Marialena Prapas, geneticist, Nikoleta Prapas, Dr. Yannis Panagiotidis Clinical embryologist and laboratory manager, Dr. Thodora Pavlidou Clinical embryologist, Stella Prapa, Eleni Chalkia Prapa doctor, Christos Lambrianidis Clinical embryologist, Triada Baloukoudis coordinator for couples from France and Rita Vassilaki coordinator for couples from Italy.

It should be noted that IAKENTRO was the only Greek assisted reproduction center that had a double participation in the specific conference through the publication of a research poster and the presence of the stand.

The publication of the research poster which included the topic on which Mrs. Theodora Pavlidou developed her position was entitled “Correlation of blastocyst shrinkage-pattern during vitrification and post-warming embryo performance” and was selected by the ESHRE committee on the basis of its excellence and high interesting content among hundreds of presentations.

For 35 years now, IAKENTRO has not stopped participating with lectures and original articles in important national and international conferences, on the one hand to “transmit” the results of research and the experience of the scientific team of the centre, on the other hand to “learn” about new data in the field of medically assisted procreation.