January 17, 2022

Aesthetic Medicine & Medical Tourism in Greece

In modern times, beauty has been reduced to a supreme value. Everyone is looking for it and everyone wants to keep it forever. “Man is healthy when he is in harmony with the various phases of life, physically and mentally”.  

Based on this, in 1973, Dr. JJ Legrand developed a new branch of medical practice called Aesthetic Medicine. This concerns the consolidation of the psychosomatic balance, but also the optimization of the general appearance of a person with the use of invasive and non-invasive applications.  

The term aesthetic medicine is heard more and more nowadays. It is discussed so much in medical circles, but mainly the term has become known in the ordinary world. For this reason, the demand for applications of aesthetic medicine is increasing day by day, both nationwide and worldwide. A key pillar of aesthetic medicine is that it is a specialization that offers treatment not only in pathological issues but also in mental ones.   

Aesthetic medicine is not a specialty, it is not dermatology, it is not ophthalmology, nor plastic surgery, but a specialization that can only be done by doctors who have attended specialized courses or masters in this field and have been academically trained with the necessary knowledge. What is defined as aesthetic medicine is the optimization of human psychosomatic well-being. Since the beginning of the decade, aesthetic medical interventions have increased. Today, three decades later, this field has been recognized worldwide, with the establishment of specialized postgraduate programs for doctors of various specialties.  

Some may think that the need to improve one’s external image is vanity. The philosophy of aesthetic medicine comes to prove that it is just the opposite. Aesthetic medicine is the prevention of diseases, so it acts on 3 systems (neuropsychiatric, endocrinological, immune) which must always be in complete balance. If we think about it as simply as possible, when someone wakes up in the morning and his image satisfies him and fills him with joy, it automatically acts on his neuropsychiatric system causing feelings of joy and well-being. These emotions are proven to affect the production – secretion of hormones and thus we reach the positive effect on the endocrine system. The proper functioning of the aforementioned systems, of course, results in the proper functioning and improvement of the immune system. Everything is a chain.  

The Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Bloodless Surgery (SAMNAS) is based in Greece, with an active presence organizing and supporting many activities related to Aesthetic Medicine and Medical Tourism. One of them is the Master of Aesthetic Medicine & Aesthetic Therapy – University of Camerino & Torino Italy. Doctors who are interested in participating should contact +302109848108  

By entering www.samnas.gr you can register in the Society of Aesthetic Medicine and actively participate in its academic work.