April 19, 2022

Air Ambulance mission: Baby girl from Tirana, Albania to Rome, Italy

Challenging medical transportation cases are in our everyday routine. Many factors are being considered when we plan our missions, and we strive to take care of every single detail that has to do with eliminating danger and have a successful transfer.  

Our aim since 1997, when Gamma Air Medical was established, has been to transport patients safely from their current location to a facility where they will receive adequate treatment. However, none of the cases is the same, none of the patients is the same. Gamma Air Medical team shares the same caring spirit and enjoys serving patients from the time we plan the transport till we finally deliver the patient to the end point.  

Just last week, we took up an Air Ambulance mission of a baby girl that had to be transferred from Tirana, Albania to Rome, Italy. Due to the severity of the patient’s condition and her young age the Albanian organization FONDACIONI FIRDEUS, through charitable contribution, funded the baby’s medical transportation and her treatment at a specialized hospital in Rome.    

Sometimes pictures say more than words can do.  

Our multilingual medical team made all the necessary communications both in Albanian and Italian. As the baby’s medical condition was demanding, the escorting medical team was highly experienced in such cases and special state of the art medical equipment was used during the flight.  

Luckily, the young patient will receive the treatment required for her condition and she will return, along with her family, to her everyday life.