January 18, 2023

Anal fistulas

Anal fistula is an abnormal communication between anorectal canal and peri-anal skin. It is a remnant of a previous anal abscess. Surgery is the only treatment option. Anal fistulas may be simple or complex. An important pre-operative evaluation of anal fistula is the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of anorectal canal with fistula protocol. Complex fistulas present higher recurrences and incontinence symptoms than simple fistulas. A recurrence rate at 20% is acceptable for complex fistulas (need for reoperation after 6-12 months).

There are many types of anal fistulas; after imaging study and clinical evaluation of the patient, the surgical technique is decided by the surgeon. There are many surgical operations for the treatment of anal fistulas; there are surgical procedures or novel surgical techniques as the Laser closure of the anal fistula and the video assisted anal fistula treatment. All operations are performed as one day surgery. The follow up is determined by the surgeon. A median loose time from
the work is 3-4days.

Dr Charalampopoulos Anestis