March 21, 2023

Another successful annual audit with no nonconformities

Like every year, this year as well, our quality management system was audited by TUV HELLAS. After having a year of hard work, new customers, new destinations and cooperations, we successfully passed the audit, and we are now ready and confident to deal with new challenges the upcoming period.

After the completion of each audit, our company’s quality assurance department is preparing for the next scheduled audit. Our aim is to implement our quality management system with high standards, and this is achieved by the annual management review and the scheduled internal and external audits. All procedures are evaluated, and new risk assessment is mandatory to continually improve our system. We have recognized our weaknesses, we have set corrective actions to potential risks and we have managed to improve our company’s performance and our productivity.

Our goal is to increase customers’ satisfaction by achieving high quality standards, within the framework of legal and regulatory requirements.

The effective implementation of our quality management system has increased the trust, credibility and repute of our company and we will continue offering high quality medical services to patients transported with intensive care Air Ambulance Jets as well as to patients transported with commercial flights.