December 16, 2021

Argo Travel further-establishes Greece across the Atlantic as a leading Medical Tourism destination!

Argo Travel recently concluded a series of in-person sales calls in Northern America with the who-is-who of medical facilitators in the US, Canada and Mexico.  

Beyond any doubt, Greece appears to be not only one of the most sought-after holiday destinations right now, but also the next big thing in healthcare and medical tourism. This can be mainly attributed to the impeccable healthcare services offered nationwide, the unbeatable price/quality ratio of services of Greek healthcare providers and travel professionals, and not surprisingly to the unquestionable success of the Greek authorities in micro-managing the spread of COVID-19 and in communicating their exemplary results.  

Be warned however, it’s not all sunshine and roses. In reference to the inherent barriers presented to Greek Medical Facilitators by the somewhat ambiguous legal framework in Greece, Mr. Stratis Voursoukis, COO/Argo Travel, stresses that “the business might be there, but sadly it’s still for us to lose (note: the Greek Medical Tourism industry as a whole) unless we step up our game and make up for the lost time – Greek authorities included”.   

It is worth noting that this is the consensus amongst most foreign medical facilitators – on both sides of the Atlantic – whose desire to work with Greek medical facilitators is hindered by the ambiguous legal framework – a point also recently raised during IBTM 2021 in Barcelona, Spain.  

Medical Tourism may prove to be a very lucrative segment of the domestic travel industry, something not to be taken lightly. The annual revenue generated nationwide may be directly comparable to that of luxury travel, yet another segment Greece can and should thrive on”, according to Mr. Voursoukis, who had the honor and privilege to represent Argo Platinum, Argo Travel’s dedicated Luxury Travel department, in the recently held ILTM in Cannes. “Greece is undoubtedly the talk of the town nowadays. Whether this is going to be merely a short-lived trend or the opportunity we have all been waiting for after the pandemic, remains to be seen and heavily depends on our prudence and professionalism”.