January 21, 2022

Athens Ophthalmological Center est. 1986 35yrs of operation – striving for high quality services in ophthalmology

Athens Ophthalmological Center being the first private ophthalmology practice from 1986 in Athens center, Greece, is highly recognized as providing advanced medical care for the prevention, diagnosis and eye-treatment in every sector of ophthalmology. 

The high quality of services provided by our office is supported by the availability of state-of-the-art medical equipment, including the excellent scientific specialisation of all our doctors and exemplary staff.  

In our quest for continuous service innovations, Athens Ophthalmological Center has established an Ocular Surgery Unit with a progressive infrastructure and standard of operation. 

Surgical procedures are carried out on a daily basis in our Day Care Unit for various eye conditions. This includes specialised cataract, glaucoma, corneal, retinal and eyelid surgery.  

Refractive surgery with Femto and Excimer laser for the correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism providing every person who wishes to decrease their dependence on eyewear a better quality of life.  

Athens Ophthalmological Center offers its services in a modern and friendly environment. Our practice spans an area of over 800 square meters with specific attention to design and function of the workplace.  

The quality of ophthalmological care of our patients is based upon:  

  • specialisation of our medical and scientific team including the exemplary support of our staff.  
  • state-of-the art medical equipment  which is constantly being upgraded. Following the technological evolution we maintain our aim to offer our patients an accurate diagnosis and a sense of confidence in the treatment of their eyes.  
  •  aesthetically pleasing design of our practice, where the friendly environment,  ergonomic design and high standards assure security and ease of mind.  

In line with our innovative attitude and organised services,we believe that our presence and operation at Athens Ophthalmological Center is inextricably linked to the community in which we operate. Therefore we encourage actions and initiatives in the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility with the participation of our doctors, optometrists, nurses and employees. 

For 35years we have focused on achieving complete satisfaction of patients over the long term. 

Achieving this goal is a commitment for all of us- both doctors and staff-working together to provide progressive, high quality services in the field of ophthalmology.  

Demi Stavropoulou, MSc 

Marketing & Communication    

Site: www.eyecenter.gr 

Facebook: @athenseyecenter