June 16, 2021

Athinaiki Mediclinic: The hospital you trust to care for those you love

Athinaiki Mediclinic, having a long-standing tradition in the area of Ophthalmology, is operating today as a General Clinic, with many medical specialties and the necessary infrastructure to provide integrated health services.

Following all the latest medical developments Athinaiki Mediclinic supports One Day Surgery concept and all medical treatments on ambulatory basis.

In our One Day Clinic, we can hospitalize patients for specific treatments without having to stay overnight. The new technologies allow surgeons to operate successfully and minimize post-surgical pain and complications in a very short time frame, thus allowing patients to return home same day.

Athinaiki Mediclinic is a private hospital that offers an advanced Eye Surgery Center. The Clinic is located in the Center of Athens, besides the US Embassy, and treats adults only. Athinaiki Mediclinic cooperates with insurance companies and is subsidiary of Interamerican and Dutch Multinational ACHMEA Group.

The Eye Surgery Center is equipped with the most modern surgical systems and offers the latest technology for the treatment of all ophthalmological problems. Our team of doctors offers treatments for a variety of ophthalmological problems including complex cataract surgery, retinal detachments, orbital problems, etc. In our hospital, you can find US board certified and trained doctors who have some of the best clinical outcomes in the field, and are passionate about clinical excellence and care.

Please call us and we can help you choose the top specialist from our pool of ophthalmologists and other medical specialties.

Anthony Geronikolaou

Chief Executive Officer

Contact Details

           24 Dorylaiou St. – Athens (besides the US Embassy)

           Call center: +30 210 6475000

           FAX: +30 210 6475005

           Email: info@athinaiki-mediclinic.gr