June 10, 2021

Awards ceremony for the successful management of the pandemic during the 7th Medical Tourism Symposium

George Patoulis, the Regional Governor of Attica was awarded for his contribution to the successful management of the Covid-19 pandemic at the 7th Medical Tourism Symposium. The award was given by a young girl who contracted Covid-19 and successfully recovered. The event was held at the Acropolis Museum on Monday, June 7th, 2021, and due to the special conditions that humanity recently experienced, it was dedicated to all reference hospitals, the State and the modern Greek Benefactors, who had contributed significantly with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Minister of Health Mr. Vassilis Kikilias, the Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain Nikitas, the humanist Mr. Dimitris Karkanorakhakis were also awarded, as well as great doctors, scientists, and entrepreneurs who aided during the crucial period.

During the ceremony, distinguished members of the Greek Health Tourism Council – ELITOUR were honored for their significant contribution to the Health Sector. More specifically, awards were presented to Vassilios Apostolopoulos, CEO of the Athens Medical Group, George Soras, International Network Manager of the HYGEIA Group, Konstantinos Pantos Obstetrician-Gynecologist of Genesis Athens, George Skourtis, General Manager of Henry Dunant Hospital Center, Nikos Papazisis, Authorized General Manager of Theseus Rehabilitation Center, Nelly Vougiouklaki, General Manager of Vougiouklakeio Clinic, Ioannis Kleinakis from IONIO GROUP, Marietta Zambeta, Head of Marketing Group of Mesogeios Dialysis Centers and Sotiris Tsioumas, Opthalmologist of SAMNAS.

The event was organized by “Med-Professionals Communication Group”, “Greek Health Tourism Council ELITOUR”, “Great Greece for Ever” and the “Hellenic News of America”. Mrs. Maria Syregela, Deputy Minister of Demographic Policy and Family of the Ministry of Labor, Mr. Andreas Loverdos Former Minister, were also present. Mr. Konstantinos Vlasis, Deputy Minister of “Hellenes Abroad” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Vassilis Papastergiadis, President of the Hellenic Community of Melbourne, and Mr. Shkaplerov Antonwhile, the Russian Cosmonaut gave a video greeting during the ceremony.

During his greeting, Mr. Patoulis thanked the organizers and the President of Med Professionals Mrs. Eleni Hovri, for the honorary award, stating: “Today’s event at the Acropolis Museum renews our joint commitment on making Greece well known and remarkable once again, regarding our health system and all services provided. I proudly receive this award on behalf of the Attica Region and Athens Medical Association, for our actions and initiatives during the last 15 months of the pandemic. During this universal crisis, the harshest and most vulnerable aspects of our society surfaced alongside the selfless service and sacrifice of modern heroes. Doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals are contemporary real heroes who devoted their time, their lives and their health to help those most in need and I express my deep respect for their struggle, their empathy and their sensitivity in dealing with this unique health crisis.”