July 20, 2021


Bioiatriki Healthcare Group is constantly upgrading its services aiming at a holistic health approach. Bioiatriki+ is the new Center of the Group with Nutritional, Ergometric and Dermatological services, which promotes high quality of life through good nutrition, physical activity, and beauty.

 With experienced scientific staff, modern equipment, and high specialization in prevention and diagnostic tests, Bioiatriki Healthcare Group guarantees good health and well-being.

Bioiatriki+ Nutrition offers nutrition control and personalized nutritional plans through counseling and nutritional guidance.

Bioiatriki+ Fitness  provides complete solutions in the field of sports. Guided by the scientific knowledge and experience of the Group in the entire range of diagnostic tests, it provides a complete ergometric evaluation and sports support combined with nutritional counseling.

The purpose and philosophy of Bioiatriki+ Derma is to improve the appearance of women and men, so that it reflects each person’s expectations and psychology.

Based on specialized medical knowledge, as well as driven by the scientific developments in the technology of equipment, materials, and cosmetology, we provide the most appropriate treatment for every concern you may have.

At Bioiatriki+ Derma, you will receive personalized advice, including dermatological diagnosis and treatments, home care tips, medical advice and general skin care tips.

Visit the new website of Bioiatriki+ to learn more: https://www.bioiatrikiplus.gr/